Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's time, Lloyd

I was going to make a smart ass remark about the sweater vest owning Lloyd Carr, or post a fail lolcat picture. I thought I'd say something snarky about Michigan feebly losing to tOSU, 14-3.

But I couldn't do it. I don't like ripping on college players, and I really couldn't get any righteous indignation stirred up within myself over another Carr loss to Jim Tressel.

"Checkmate, Tressel. You got me. I'm done, you win."

I didn't get all that upset, as I honestly expected the Wolverines to lose. When Michigan took the field led by a one armed QB, a one legged tailback, and a tired head coach with one foot out the door, it was easy to see this result coming. It was going to take a herculean effort to beat the Buckeyes, and the Wolverines just didn't have it in them.

I won't say that Michigan went through the motions, but they were definitely missing a spark. The defense played decently, but it wasn't as if Ohio State needed to do do any more than run the ball, and run clock, as the Michigan offense was MIA. Even with the nagging injuries, there's no excuse for such a poor performance. Hard to believe the Wolverines would play such an uninspired game against their arch rival, the team they measure themselves against. Which says volumes about Carr.

Michigan was out played, out coached, out game planned, out every damned thing by Tressel and tOSU. Which is the last few years of Carr's tenure in a nutshell.

Michigan's season started with what many consider the most embarrassing loss in NCAA history. It ended with the Wolverines unable to do anything against their most bitter rival. Unfortunately, this season ended like every other Michigan season over the past 5 years. With a sense of disappointment, feeling that it should have been much better.

Which is why on Monday, during the presser that's been scheduled for Carr to talk about his status as Michigan head coach, he has to announce his retirement. The program is desperately in need of new blood. Who's blood that will be is yet to be determined, but it can't happen soon enough.

Lloyd Carr deserves to retire as Michigan's head coach with our respect. The Michigan fans and alumni deserve the best coach available, and that's no longer Carr. Which means Michigan's brave new post-Carr, and post-Bo, for that matter, future, needs to start Monday.

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