Sunday, November 18, 2007

That literally and figuratively sucked: 4th quarter Lions - New York Football Giants thoughts

The Giants start the 4th with a short pass to Droughns, 2nd and 4 at the Lions 36. Christ, offside Lions, AGAIN. Giants 1st down at the Lions 31.

It's Droughns up the gut, gets 6 more. The Lions need to make a play of some sort. They can't afford to give up another another score the way the offense is struggling.

Moss is WIDE OPEN at the 10, another 1st down Giants. Droughns is stopped for a loss on 1st down, 2nd and 13.

Eli Roth back to pass, pressured, rolls right, and throws it way. 3rd and 13. Lions need to hold them to a FG attempt. It's a pass to Shockey, and he's short of the goal line. 4th down at the 3. Giants will kick the easy FG.

The chip shot is good, and the Giants have moved from being up 2 scores, to 2 TD's. 16-3, New York Football Giants lead.

The Lions weak ass return team takes the kickoff to the 23. Is there less of a threat to run the ball back than Avieon Cason? I didn't think so.

Kitna is back, it's a moonball to Williams...He jumps, and brings it down at the 50! Alright, alright, alright!

UGH. Near pick on 1st down, Kitna forced a pass into traffic...

SHITSHITSHIT. Williams was WIIIIIDE OPEN at the 20, a sure TD, and God warrior Kitna over threw him. Kitna is pressured on 3rd down, and the pass is behind Furrey. 4th down, Lions will punt, and the crowd is PISSED. The boos are raining down...

Giants will take over at their 8 yard line, thanks to a nice, deep, high punt by Harris. There's a little more than 10 minutes left in the game.

A short run, and a pass to "It's not a" Toomer, 1st down Giants at the 21.

Droughns loses a yard, he's not the threat that Jacobs is...and FOX cuts to Jacobs gingerly walking to the locker room.

Manning's back to pass, has plenty of time, 1st down to Burress at the 34.

Droughns is stuffed on 1st down, as Albert and Moose start fluffing Eli. A blown play loses a yard, 3rd an 11. Need to get the stop, get the damn ball back...

Manning fades back....Corner blitz! Incomplete. Giants will punt.

Troy Walters takes the punt, runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off, runs east-west rather than north-south, and it's all of a 2 yard return. Lions start at their 18. TV time out.

Hey, I do not need bigger shirts, Peyton! I'm offended. You calling me fat?

Back to the game...

Giants are offsides to start the drive, as Strahan has coming, 1st and 5. It's Kitna to Furrey, 1st down at the 33. Kitna to McDonald, 1st down at the 45. Just over 5 minutes left, the Giants are giving them the short stuff.

It's Kitna to Walters, he's down at the Giants 35. They're moving the ball...

Kitna's back to pass, has time...It's a jump ball for Calvin Johnson at the goal line....IT"S A GOD DAMN TOUCHDOWN! Megatron just leaped over the much shorter DB! I just had a Herman Moore flashback...YES! After the PAT, 16-10 Giants lead. But it's a ballgame!


NY starts at their 26 after the return.

Need a 3 and out. NOW!

Droughns gets 2 on 1st down. 4 minutes left. a pass to the FB in the flat gets 6, 3:20 left. 3rd and 4. NEEDASTOP!

Manning's back to pass...Holds it...SACK! Edwards with the sack, Lions will get the ball back with 2+ minutes left.

Fair catch by Walters, Lions start at their 32.

Oh , good God damn Lord....McDonald with the catch, but rather than go out of bounds, tries to make something out of nothing...And loses the gain as he fumbles it out of bounds. FUCK! 2nd and 10.

Kitna's pressured, dumps it to Jones for a short gain...FLAG! Roughing the passer, 1st down at the 48!

Kitna's back, incomplete sideline pass to McDonald. 2nd and 10.

Kitna's looking DEEP this time...Throws the jump ball at he goal line! It's gotta be Williams or Johnson, right?! NO, IT'S MCDONALD? WHAT THE FUCK?! The shortest wide out on the team? WHY? WHY? WHY?

And of course, it's picked...Kitna just made his WORST DECISION OF THE SEASON. Asinine. Stupid. Dumb. Awful, awful, pass.

At the very least the Lions have all their time outs, the Giants take over on the 20. A Manning run, and then a Droughns run leave the Giants a 3rd and 10, with 1:43 left.

Manning rolls right...Incomplete pass! Flag! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

What? here's the call...No penalty, they are picking up the flag, they actually get a break! Giants will punt.

Walters takes the punt back to the 31, 1:25, and 1 time out, left. FALSE START? You gotta be kidding me?! God damn you, Backus.

Kitna is back to throw...It's McDonald at the Giant 45! It's a pass to Jones...GET OUT OF BOUNDS! He does! Clock stops, 2nd and 7 from the 43.

Kitna is back to pass, it's a little high...McDonald's at the it...PICK. 49 seconds left. Game over, and maybe the season. That was an easily catchable ball. Should have been a catch, and the ball goes right through his hands. I'm...I' a loss for words. Did you hear that sound? It was the screams of anguish from Lions fans all over SE MI.

The Lions never should have been in the game, but the Giants didn't close the deal. Detroit had every opportunity to win a game they had no business winning. Yet they pissed away every single late opportunity to make a play, and thus pissed away their chance to steal a win.

The final score is 16-10, Giants. That fucking sucked...

I'm out and out pissed off, and utterly disgusted. Fucking Detroit Lions. And fuck me for even wanting to believe in this team.

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  1. I'm totally with you,Al.They had every opportunity to pull this one out after playing like shit early on,and in true Lions fashion,they fucking blew it.I'll spend the next week walking around with my head buried in my chest and mumbling to myself like a midtown Manhattan drunken stumblebum.It doesn't look good as the Packers roll in on Thursday either.WTF!!!