Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lions defense rules: 2nd quarter Lions - Broncos thoughts

Lions will continue their drive from the Broncos' 46, 2nd and 28 after the holding call.

Kitna's back to pass...And gets 20 of it back on a pass to CJ at the 35! YES! But a 3rd down pass falls to the turf, 4th and 8.

So here comes Jason Hanson to try a....53 yard FG? Does the old kicker still have the leg? HELL YES HE DOES! It's good, with room to spare! Great kick from Hanson, you could tell it was going to be good as soon as it left his foot...

6-0, Detroit Lions! A good start, and I'm not complaining, but I'd like to see them finish off a drive with a TD, rather than long FG's.

The Broncos will start at the 30 after the commercial break. Damn, there's that Manning character again. 3 things in life are certain, death, taxes, and Peyton Manning on your TV.

On 2nd and 8, it's BIG BABY busting through for a sack, with the blocker hanging on for dear life all the way back to Cutler! God damn, Shaun Rogers is a monster!

And Cutler is still down after being drug down by Big Baby. Looks like we'll see Denver's backup QB... OOOO, that didn't look good. Replay shows Cutler's leg being hit high/low by 2 Lion helmets! That's gonna leave a BIG mark...

It's 3rd and 16, Redskins refugee Patrick Ramsey is in...And hits Brandon Stokely for 18 at the 42! SHITSHITSHIT!

We see Culter leaving the field on a cart, he's done for the 1st half, at the very least. Back to the game, it's 3rd and 4 for the Broncos...Damn, it's a 1st...No, it's dropped by Haynes! It would have moved the chains, but the Broncos will have to punt instead! I'll take a stop any way they can get 'em!

Lions take over at their 17 after the punt.

Yes, back to the run! KJ for 8, on a nice cutback. He then gets 4, and the 1st down. I say run, run, run, till the Broncos prove they can stop it!

Martz must of heard me, as it's Jones again, getting 9 on 1st down. ACK! Damn it, Jones loses 2 on 2nd down, 3rd and 3 from the 37. KJ has 58 yards rushing so far, and looking good getting those yards.

Kitna drops back...YES! It's Williams on an out at the Denver 42! 1st down! But 2 incompletions set up a 3rd and 10.

Kitna's back to pass, SACK! Where's the flag, Kitna was grabbed by the facemask! Damn it! Yeah! There it is, 15 yard personal foul.! Lions 1st down at the Broncos' 33. KJ loses a yard, then it's Kitna to Megatron to set up a 3rd and 3 from the 26.

Kitna drops...Scrambles...Dumps it to Furrey, 1st down at the 21! Nice job by Kitna to keep the play alive!

Kitna's back to pass...It's a pass to Furrey cutting across the middle...Go you SOB, GO! TD! YESYESYES!!!

Harlan is claiming that Furrey's knee was down just short of the goal line, but the Lions kick the PAT without a challenge from Mike Shannahan. 13-0, Detroit Lions! Cue up "Gridiron Heroes" again!

Replays show that Furrey may have been down, no more than 1/2 yard short, but it's all moot. TD counts, Lions extend the lead.

Broncos take over at their 20, with 4:52 left in the half.

Fans are LOUD at Ford Field! But a Ramsey pass is good for 12 yards, quieting things. A 1st down pass to Marshall gets 6, but he pays the price, as he was drilled by 2 Lions! A run by Henry sets up 3rd and 2.

YES! Incomplete pass, another 3 and out for the Lions' D!

WOW! the 1 ton fullback, Bradley, burst through, and just missed blocking the kick! How did he miss it? He just plain wiffed on the ball!

Lions take over at their 20, after a touchback. A Jones run loses 3. Kitna's back to pass...Scrambling...GET RID OF IT! He finds McDonald crossing the middle, Champ Baily drags him down, leaving a 3rd and 5. And it's the 2 minute warning, Lions are at their 25.

Kitna to Williams gets 5, 1st down! It's Kitna to Williams again for 9! But there's a flag on the play...It's on Denver, illegal contact, it's 5 and a 1st!

Kitna's back again....It's CJ at the Denver 48, another 1st down! No huddle, a screen to Jones gets 5 more. 1:15 left in the half. GOGOGO!

WHOOOO! A 17 yard out to Williams, out of bounds at the Denver 25. Kitna to McDonald gets 5 more, clock's running...Kitna looks deep for Williams...But there's miscommunication, Williams was looking for an underthrown ball, but Kitna heaves it deep. Incomplete pass. 45 seconds left.

Kitna lines up, takes a time out. 2 TO's left. Kitna drops back on 3rd and 5, looks for McDonald in the end zone...Not even close. SHIT!

4th down, 35 seconds left.

38 yard FG attempt for Hanson, and he's money! 16-0, Detroit!

Nice coverage on the kickoff, Broncos start at their 16. Will they just run out the clock? 27 seconds left.

AAAH! Ramsey fumbles the snap! But he recovers, and a screen goes for 9 yards. Flag on the play! Holding, Denver, giving them 1st and 14 from their 13. They decide to just cut their losses, and run out the half on a handoff, goes for 5.

And that's the 1st half folks! The Lions have 4 possessions, get 3 field goals and a TD, giving them a 16-0 lead over the Broncos!

One Hell of a nice half for Detroit! The Broncos didn't do much of anything, with only 69 yards of total offense, 3 1st downs, giving up 2 sacks, one a KO of Cutler. On the flip, the Lions have 219 total yards. Jones has 52 yards on the ground, and Kitna has 151 and a TD pass.

I'd have liked to see another TD thrown in there, rather than a FG, but overall, I can't complain one iota about the Lions performance.

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