Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dre' Bly is in the house: 1st quarter Lions - Broncos thoughts

Today is one of those oddball "AFC team visiting an NFC city" games, so we get the CBS broadcast. At least we won't have to put up with those damn animated FOX robots for one day.

It's the NFL ON CBS!

We join Kevin Harlan and former Vikings/Raiders/Chiefs/Redskins QB Rich Gannon from downtown Detroit's Ford Field, for the return of the mouth that roared, Joey Blue Skies' biggest detractor, Dre' Bly.

In other words, it's the 3-4 Denver Broncos taking on the shockingly decent 5-2 Detroit Lions!

The Lions will be kicking off to the Broncos...ACK! A good return has the Broncos starting from their 38. Nice recovery for the Lions, with Ernie Sims busting through to tackle Travis Henry for a loss on the 1st play from scrimmage.

On 3rd and 6, Jay Cutler is back to pass...DOWN goes the QB!!! Sims with the takedown, a very nice 3 and out 1st series for the D. Lions take over at their 11 after the punt...

The Lions begin with their newly rediscovered running game, as 2 Kevin Jones runs get the Lions some breathing room out to the 28! Jones has been a godsend for the Lion offense.

Damn! 2 more Jones runs gets ANOTHER 1st down at the Lions 41. Jones has some big ass holes to run through... But on the 1st pass attempt, a big Broncos rush from Rice batts down Kitna's throw.

Martz starts emptying out the playbook, as an end around to McDonald gets 6. Hey, that's normally Megatron's play! Kitna hits McDonald in Bronco territory at the 45 for the 1st down.

BAM! TJ Duckett rumbles for 19 yards to the 26, while following the 600 lb Lions fullback, Jon Bradley! The running game is on God damn fire!

But the Broncos' D tightens, stacking up Jones on 2 rushes, leaving a 3rd and 9. I think it's gonna be a pass...OOOH, Kitna just misses a diving Jones in a middle seam at the 5. Damn it, 4th down...

But the closest thing the Lions have to a HOFer, Jason Hanson salvages 3 points with a 43 yard FG! 3-zip, Detroit on a 5+ minute long drive! Cue up "Gridiron Heroes!"

Whoa! Onside kick! But it didn't work, as Hanson's dribbler bounces right to a Bronco at the Lions' 45. Nice call in theory, but it wasn't executed a lick. Hanson didn't get the big bounce, and it was an easy ball for the Broncos to recover. Hope that misfire doesn't come back to bite the Leo's on the ass.

A short pass and a Henry run set up a 3rd and 1. Let's get the damn stop! AAARGGH. Henry gets 2 on an off tackle plunge. SHIT! Gannon says he likes how the Lions are playing, though.

Just as if on cue, the Broncos are stuffed on a 1st down sweep. 2nd and 10. But Cutler hits Marshall on a slant, setting up another 3rd and very very short. Movement! Flags everywhere...YES! False start, Denver! The Lions get the stop, as Cutler throws behind Marshall along the left sideline!

Jason Elam will line up for a 48 yard figgie, while Harlan goes on about the 2 great kickers in today's game. Again, just as if on cue...It's gonna be close...It's off the left upright! No good! Hot damn, still 3-0, good guys!

Lions will start from their 38. Kitna with a DEEP drop...It's a near pick, as he misses CJ around the Bronco 40. So it's back to the run, Jones picks his way for 6, as Harlan calls Jones "Slippery." Yes, yes he is. 3rd and 4.

Lions now have 5 wide outs in the game, Broncos get confused as to which personnel needs to be on the field, and have to call a time out. I'll take it...

It's Kitna on a keeper, right up the gut for 5, and the 1st down! Nice call by Martz!

Kitna has to throw the ball away on 1st down, as he did a Fran Tarkenton imitation to avoid the sack. Kitna then misses Roy Williams on an inside cut, though it did hit Roy in the hands. Kitna is only 1-6 to start the game. 3rd and 10.

Damn, it's McDonald on the slant, but it's only good for 8 yards! 4th and 2, the Lions are going to go for it from the Denver 42...Jones off tackle gets the 1st, but the Broncos were scrambling on defense AGAIN. Unable to get the right personnel in, 5 yard offsides penalty ensues! 1st down good guys.

It's an end around to Williams, and Bly, of all people, sniffs it out for an 8 yard loss. The Lions fans boo lustily, and it's not for the play call, if you know what I mean.

A short pass to Jones gets a few yards, but it's called back due to a Lions' holding call.

And that ends the 1st quarter, Lions 3, Broncos 0.

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