Sunday, October 21, 2007

We saw Chucky make a face! 3rd quarter Lions - Bucs thoughts

Looking at the stats, Moonball Garcia is 19-20-197. That's a 95% completion percentage, folks! Jon Kitna's final drive perked up his 1st half stats, as he's now 9-12-90. As for a rushing comparison, Earnest Graham is 11-52 yards, while Kevin Jones is 8-39 yards.

Jones was supposed to touch the ball 20-25 times. With 3 receptions, he's up to all of 11.

The big stat is time of possession, and Tampa leads 21:45 to 8:15. That's not a typo, the Bucs have more than doubled, and damn near tripled, the Lions in TOP.

It's time for the 2nd half kickoff, the good guys are to receive. Walters runs the kick back to the 16. A short pass to Jones gets nada, 2nd and 10. Kitna throws behind Fitzimmons on a crossing pattern, 3rd and 10. Kitna is sacked on 3rd down. An ugly start to the 2nd half. After the punt, the Bucs will start at the Lions 44.

Save for a couple of series, the Lions offense is once again, MIA.

Considering how successful the Bucs were moving the ball in the 1st half, I'm expecting more dinks, dunks, check downs, screens, and dump offs....

Bucs start with a run, gets a yard. I'm predicting a short pass on 2nd down...

Well, it would have been a play action pass...But White sacks Moonball! Replay shows Big Baby crushing a double team, which caused the sack...3rd down, Big Baby with more pressure on Moonball, forcing an incompletion!

D-line came to play! Then again, they got off to a good start in the 1st half, and we saw how that turned out. Punt goes for a touch back, Lions take over.

Lions start with a Jones run, bounces it outside, gets only 2. Screen to Jones, needs a block, doesn't get it, but somehow gets 7, setting up a 3rd and short.

We have a TJ Duckett sighting...Gets the 1st down, running for 10 yards. It's Duckett again, good for another 6. YES! Duckett runs over defenders, gets another 1st down running behind the Lions FB, Bradley. Lions at the Bucs 44.

The Lions dip into the well once too many times, only getting a yard on 1st down. But it's Kitna to Furrey, he's wide open at the 22! Kitna's back to pass again...Holds it...Holds it...and he takes off, getting 9 on the slide!

Jones gets the 1st down going between the tackles. Lions are now well in the red zone at the Bucs 12. Nice run by Jones, ducks under a tackle, and picks his way to the 5. 2nd and 4. Ah, Hell, flags on the play. False start on Backus. 2nd and 9.

Kitna back to pass, but takes the sack at the 15. At least he didn't throw it up for grabs. 3rd and long, they can get a 1st down around the 1. But it's just a short pass to McDonald to the 15, setting up a Hanson 32 yard FG attempt.

Boselli goes ballistic, deservedly bitching out the Lions for abandoning the run. He has a point, the Lions ran well during that drive, then fell back into passing mode deep in Bucs territory. Duckett had 30 yards rushing on the drive, by the way.

Anyway, it's all moot, as Hanson converts, 16-7. Lions!

Hanson booms another kick, forcing a touchback. What the Hell is going on, Hanson doesn't have that kind of leg anymore, right?

Bucs start at the 20, with 4:13 left in the 3rd. Garcia is rushed hard, rolls right, incomplete pass! Shit, draw play to Graham gets 10. A dump off to the TE gets 7. It's just more of the same...

2nd and 3, Moonball is rushed hard, another dump off gets nothing. 3rd and 3, Garcia calls time out, as the crowd gets into the game, begging for a defensive stop.

Let's make a play, D! Play clock hits zero, delay of game, Bucs! Fox cuts to the Bucs sideline, we get to see Chucky make a face! Garcia has all kinds of time, finds Galloway at their own 47. God damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

Graham gets 5 more, crossing into Lions territory. Kalimba Edwards gets knocked loopy, stopping play. 2nd and 6. Another TE dump off from Garcia, leaving the Bucs 3rd and 2. Graham runs wide right, cuts back, 1st down? No! He's a couple of inches short! 4th and a hair. Bucs are going to go for it...

Shitshitshit! The quarter ends as Graham punches his way for 3 yards, and the God damn 1st down.

16-7 Lions, after 3 quarters.

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  1. This quarter made me feel better about the Puddys. It was nice to see our old friends- the 3 yard dump-off and the clever "bend but don't break by playing 15 yards off the receiver" defense, but nothing says "Lions" like a Backus penalty and a sack deep into the Red Zone.