Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Lions continue to bend, but not break: 2nd quarter Lions - Bucs thoughts

Bucs begin the 2nd quarter with a false start. 1st and 15 from the 22. Graham between the tackles gets the 5 back, and more, 2nd and 6.

Former Wolverine BJ Askew catches a swing pass, carries what must be 6 Lions past the 1st down marker, 1st down at the Detroit 4. Make that 1st and goal from the 9, another false start. Did the Lions trade George Foster to the Bucs?

A screen pass to Graham gets the ball to the 5. Garcia back, rolls right, find Hilliard standing by himself at the goal line, and he strolls across for the TD. I have no idea where the DB's were, other than running around like their heads were cut off. 10-7 Lions.

The Bucs are moving the ball well with a short passing game mixed with runs. I think this is how the west coast offense was supposed to look when Moonball was a Lion.

Garcia is 11-12-132, with a TD, so he's playing like most former Lions QB's tend to when facing their old team. In other words, very well.

Lions will start at their 27 after a Troy Walters return. Kitna misses Johnson on 1st down, a Ronde Barber blitz causes a 3 yard loss on a Jones run. 3rd and 13. Kitna does his best Joey Blue Skies imitation, throws to Jones on a check down, and ends up a good 5 yards short of the 1st down. Not the sort of possession you'd like to see after the Bucs score.

After the punt, the Bucs will start at their 20. Let's see if the D can do something! ANYTHING!

Graham starts the drive with an 8 yard run, so the Bucs pick up where they left off. But it's another Bucs false start! Are we sure that George Foster isn't playing for Chucky today?

The Bucs shrug off the penalty, Moonball hits Galloway for a 1st down at the 34. WHAT? Cory Redding makes a play, stopping Graham on 1st down for a 1 yard loss. Start earning that big ass contract, Redding!

Another dump off gets 8, leaving a 3rd and 3 at the 41...Big rush from the Lions, Garcia steps up, and gets the 1st down on a crossing pattern. That's 13 straight completions...Make it 14, as he dumps a pass off to Graham, while just avoiding the sack. Graham gets the 1st on an off tackle dive. 1st down at the Lions 40.

Garcia continues to dink and dunk, gets 8 more on a short pass. Jesus Christ, he's on target today. Graham gets another 1st down on a dive.

This is getting monotonous. Dump off, dive, 1st down, short pass, dive, 1st down.

Now it's 16 consecutive Garcia completions, as it's another dink pass for 3. A short run leaves the Bucs with a 3rd and 6 from the Lions 26. Garcia pressured, rolls right, and a dump off gets ANOTHER 1st down.

Garcia is methodically moving the ball downfield, and is 18-19-193. The Lions are making another QB look like an all pro...

Thank God, a Bucs personal foul moves the ball back out of the red zone, 1st and 10 from the Lions 29. A short run and a check down leaves them 3rd and 5. Garcia has 18 straight completions, 17 of them have been of the dink, dump, check down, screen, and dump off variety.

The Lions finally force Garcia to run, and he's stopped short of the 1st down. The Bucs line up for the FG from 40 yards out...It's up...WIDE LEFT!

The Bucs long ass drive goes for naught, still 10-7 good guys.

Lions take over with just over 2 minutes left in the half at their 30. Come on, 2 minute offense time!

A quick QB comparison.... Garcia 19-20-197, God's QB is 3-5-36.

Lions give the Bucs a dose of their own medicine, with a dump off to Jones, but it's called back thanks to an O-lineman getting caught upfield. Another check down to Williams gets 6, then it's 4 more on a pass to Jones. 3rd and 4, time out called with 1:23 left.

Yes, 1st down, Kitna to Furrey for 12! 1 minute left. Kitna to McDonald, gets the ball into Tampa territory. Screen to Jones...It works, Jones tip toes his way to the Bucs 27! Time out Detroit, 0:34 left.

Short pass to Williams at the 22...He stays in bounds?! You dumb SOB! Should have continued delivering pizzas...

With the clock left running, Kitna has to spike the ball, burning a down. 0:16 left.

Ah, shit! Kitna is sacked on 3rd down, and is he PISSED! Lions use their final TO with 0:09 left.

It'll be Hanson from 42...Dead, solid center! 13-7, Lions. There's a flag? Personal foul, as Brooks roughs Hanson, but the Lions won't take the points off the board with so little time left . Still 13-7, Detroit.

The 15 is added to the kickoff, Hanson boots it out well out of the end zone. Hanson has a HUGE leg today. The Bucs take a knee, and we are at halftime. 13-7 Detroit Lions lead.

The Bucs are killing the Lions on the stat board, out gaining them 247-126. But turnovers have hurt Tampa immensely, with the Lions have converting those turnovers for points.

On the the 2nd half!

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