Sunday, October 21, 2007

Calvin Johnson earns his keep: 4th quarter Lions - Bucs thoughts

Garcia starts the 4th with, guess what? A short pass to the TE, 2nd and 6 from the Lions 36. It's Graham between the tackles, gets maybe 1. Fox guys going on about it being a career day for Graham, with a 129 total yards...Just like the Lions, letting a nobody become a somebody.

3rd and short...Guess what, another short pass, Hillard gets the 1st down at the 30.

Christ. Ernie Sims is down on one knee and is woozy. Wonderful...

Come on, enough of this nickel and dime shit, make a play on the Bucs! No such luck, a screen to Graham gets 10 yards, and another 1st. Red zone time...

Ugh...A draw to Bennett...He gets 18 yards, down to the 2. Fuck me.

1st and goal, and another Lions is knocked silly. It's Gerald Alexander this time...

A quick look at the stats, Tampa is killing the Lions if you just look at the numbers. Bucs lead 328-187 in total yards, have run 55 plays to the Lions 36, and passing is 238-98 Tampa...

The Bucs line up for the snap...BALL ON THE GROUND! DeVries falls on the bad snap at the 7! LIONS BALL! The Bucs shoot themselves in the foot! YES!

Let's see the Lions run some God damn clock here...A long drive could essentially end the game.

The Lions start with a Jones run, he bounces it out, gets 6. I'll take that. Jones again, between the tackles, he's just short of the 1st at the 16. Big 3rd down, time to convert!

A pass? What the fuck? Kitna rolls right, RUN FOR IT YOU SOB! He dives, takes a BIG HIT! Kitna gets the 1st down! It's deja vu all over again...Just like Kitna's runs in the Vikings game....

Jones gets a couple on 1st down, then Kitna hits Fitzimmons on a cross, another 1st down at the Lions 32! They are moving the ball!

Kitna with a short pass to McDonald gets 3. Jones off tackle...Busts it to the 45! 1st down!

Kitna back...Hits CJ on the skinny post at the Bucs 32, ANOTHER 1ST DOWN!

Kitna fakes the hand off, it's an end around to CJ....He picks his way for a 1st down...STIFF ARM!!! BREAKS A TACKLE INSIDE THE 10! !!! 32 YARD TOUCHDOWN RUN!!! Calvin Johnson! Calvin Johnson! Holy mother of God, that was a big time play...

23-7 Lions, with 6:28 left! WOW! I'm speechless after that CJ run..,

Now that's something we don't see often, the Lions grind out a late game drive. A nice, nice, nice drive, with a good mix of runs and passes.

Bucs start at their 22, Garcia starts with...What else could it be other than a check down for 3 yards. Now the Bucs can dink and dump all they want, just keep the clock running... A short pass to Hillard gets the 1st down at the 32. 5:40 left in the game.

Moonball back to pass....White swats it out of the air! 2nd and 10.

It's Graham off tackle, gets 9. Garcia sneak, he looks short! Hell, they give it to him, 1st down at the 40. Garcia pressured, incomplete. 4:30 left. 2nd down. Moonball is pressured again, another incompletion!

3 and 10, get a stop! AHHH, Garcia hits Hillard at the Lions 42, 4:00 left. Garcia scrambles, gets 7 on 1st down, Tampa calls a time out with 3:39 left.

DAMN! Garcia to Hillard, he's down at the Lions 27. Tack on 5 for a incidental facemask, SHIT!

Garcia back...Holds it...Holds it...Looks...SACK! DeWayne White takes him down for his 3rd sack! A short run, and a dump off leaves the Bucs with a 4th and 4 at the Lions 15.

Make a play, DAMMIT!!! BIG RUSH! YES! Garcia throws it away! Lions ball! What? FUCK! Roughing the passer on Paris Lenon...Helmet to helmet...Dumb, dumb, dumb! Typical Lions. 1st down Bucs at the 5.

A short Bucs run, and an incompletion leaves the Bucs with a 3rd and goal from the Lions 5. Garcia hits Stovall with a short pass, TD Tampa. 23-13, Lions.

Tampa going for 2, 2:03 left.

Big rush on Garcia, he throws it out of the end zone! Still a 2 score lead for Detroit, 23-13 Lions.

Tampa will go for the onsides kick...

Odd formation, Tampa's all bunched up in the middle of the field. They drill it right into the Lions bunched up front wall! Ball takes a high bounce in the air, and the Bucs recover at their 40.. Shit! I have to say that the Lions looked totally clueless on that onsides play.

Hillard gets 5 on a short pass, then it's Graham down to the Lions 40 on another dump off. Bucs spike the all, with 1:36 left. Fox cuts to Marinelli on the sidelines, looks frustrated, had a "What the fuck" look about him. My thoughts indeed.

What the Hell, the Lions should be kneeling on the damn ball by this time. But thanks to a personal foul keeping the Bucs drive alive, and then what looked like the no-hands team on the onsides kick, the Bucs are still in the game. They have only a long shot, but they are still in the damn game.

2 more short passes have the the Bucs at the Lions 30, 1st and10. Now there's a booth review on the spot, to drag out the drama even futher.

The refs change the spot, call it 4th and a 1/2 yard , just short of the 30. The Bucs will try to kick a FG, as they need 2 scores anyway. Kick is good from 47, 23-16 Lions. I don't need this shit...

OK, here we go, expect another onsides kick... Christ, the game shouldn't be this close, you'd think the Lions are trying to give it away!

Here's the kick...Tampa tries a dribbler along the right sidelines...RUN YOU DAMN SOB, RUN! GETTHEREGETTHEREGETTHERE! YES!

Fitzimmons out runs Tampa, dives on the ball at the Lions 44! Lions recover, game over.

Kitna takes a knee. 1 more time, and it's official... It's over, Lions beat the Buccaneers, 23-16. Whew...

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