Sunday, October 28, 2007

Paying respects...

I wasn't able to see any of Sparty's self-destruction against the Hawkeyes, and very little of the Wolverines (Closer than the score indicated) win over the (Fools) Golden Gophers on Saturday. As I like to say, real life got in the way. Unfortunately, real life was all too real this week.

My day was spent paying respects to my brother-in-law's dad, as earlier this week he passed away, at a much too young age, from a heart attack. The afternoon was spent with friends and family at an Irish-style wake, with an open bar, of which Chuck would have highly approved.

Chuck was a fun guy, an avid hunter and outdoorsman, who was also a big fan of Detroit sports. I tipped many a beer with him at family get-togethers, with discussions usually centering on the team we love, and love to hate, the Detroit Lions.

Here's hoping the Lions win one for Chuck today. He will be missed.

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