Friday, October 26, 2007

Housekeeping: State of the blog

I've been wrestling with a severe case of writer's block the last few days. Even when I did get something posted, it was a struggle to do so. Between you and me, whenever I write an "Inside Millen's brain" installment, it's often due to the fact that my idea well has run dry. There's been nothing but fumes in that well for several days.

I think that it has something to do with the current Detroit sports landscape. The Wolverines are rarely on TV, we all know the story as to why, so no need going there again. Ask yourself how fired up are you about Michigan playing the 1-7 Gophers tomorrow? As bad as the Big 10 is this season, in a year when a MAC school would finish mid pack in the conference, Minnesota is still unable to field a competitive team. Not exactly the most compelling matchup of the weekend. At least WXYZ is doing the fans a solid, and picking up the ESPN Classic feed of the game for all the Comcast and Charter subscribers who can't get the 4 letter's network of last resort. The folks at channel 7 gets a well deserved TWFE tip o' the cap.

On the pro side, there's no significant news regarding the Tigers expected for at least a few more weeks. The Pistons' regular season is still a good 5 days away, and Hell, it's the NBA regualar season we're talking about... While the Red Wings are playing well enough, when their biggest stories are the playing/contract status of the hugely disappointing Igor Grigorenko, and Dom Haseks' creaky hip, well, 'nuff said about the overall excitement level of the NHL regular season. As for the Lions, I'm still not sure if they are a good team or not. I have a bad feeling that Brian Griese is going to carve the Lions up. But I'll have my normal Lions commentary on Sunday, regardless.

The World Series matchup has been underwhelming, especially after a thrilling ALCS. With the Rockies playing the part of the freshman team scrimmaging aginst the varsity Red Sox, the games haven't been all that compelling. Even last night's 2-1 BoSox victory, though close, had the feeling of it being fait accompli. To be honest, even though I had fired up the DVR for the NBC comedy lineup anyway, I ended up watching their 4 great comedies in real time, than follow this snoozer of a World Series. Jack Donaghy doing role play on "30 Rock" was much more compelling than watching the Rockies helplessly flail away at Boston pitching.

Anyway, that's why things have been on the quiet side at TWFE this week. I am contemplating doing more recurring pieces so there will still be content when my creativity isn't flowing, and the Detroit sports landscape is slow. I'm thinking of doing more in the way of daily link dumps and/or news roundups, power ranking summaries, and my thoughts in regard to them, possibly extending my "Burning questions" bit to cover the Pistons (I'm not sure about doing the Wings, as I'm the first to admit that I'm don't come close in hockey knowledge compared to the Wings' bloggers) more live blogs/running diaries, You Tube stuff, that sort of thing.

I'm also going to commit to spending more time replying in the comments, as I have been too God damn lazy in replying to you guys (Like 'eff, Uncle Omar, Ian, Gun-Totin-Wacko, k, you all know who you are) who take time to comment. I very much appreciate your feedback.

I'm still going to have plenty of my normal "Pulled out of my ass" opinion pieces, but I'm hoping to do more with TWFE soon, and I want to have content you all can look forward to reading on a daily basis.

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Bummer about the writer's block- I know the feeling.

    That being said, your admission about "inside Millen's Brain" wasn't a total shock. I've read most of them, and I have to say they are your weakest posts. I think only 1 of them has ever done anything for me.

    If they went away, I for one wouldn't miss them...

  2. Write about the Wings regardless. Even if you don't know much about hockey, they might be the best team in the NHL and you should be able to cover them, and mI would be willing to help.

  3. Tell me about it--I've had writers block since April!