Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's deja vu all over again: 2nd quarter Lions - Redskins thoughts

The 'Skins start the 2nd quarter with a 3rd and 3. It's a swing pass to Portis, the Lions tip the pass, but it's still complete for a 1st down. Such is the Lions' luck today.

Campbell hits Randel El for 16, but the Lions then stop Portis for a loss on 1st down. A pass to Randel El gets a short gain, but Cambpell drills Cooley for the 1st down on 3rd and long, and they are into Lions territory! Damn!

On 1st down, Sims BLOWS UP Portis! Big time hit, goes for no gain. But on 2nd down, Randle El is running free in the Lions' secondary, he's to the Lion 25! The DB's haven't been able to cover anyone. The Lions D has been a sieve.

It's Portis right up the gut to the Lions 13! Portis again to the 8! A short pass sets up a 3rd and 3 at the 7...TD Cooley! Campbell with a nice pass... 7-0 Washington.

That was a long 80 yard drive, ate up over 7 minutes on the clock. The Lions offense needs to keep the D off the field for a few, as they need a blow, and more importantly, can't stop the 'Skins offense...

Campbell, with all kinds of time to throw, is 14-17-110, with a TD. It's looking like the Philly game all over again.

The Lions will start at their 20 after a touchback on the kickoff. Bell gets 9 up the gut, then 3 more for the 1st down. That's a nice way to start. The Lions need a few 1st downs.

AARRRGH! Kitna and Bell blow the handoff! Lions luckily recover, dodging a big bullet, but losing a yard in the process. On 2nd down, Kitna looks more than a little gun shy, throwing off his back foot, missing on a pass down the middle. On 3rd down, Kitna barely gets off a TE screen, it gets nothing, and the Lions will have to punt.

Not exactly what the Lions defense needed. They needed a blow, but will get just a short breather.

'Skins will start at their 17 yard line. A direct snap to Portis! It's big gainer, out to the 30! On 2nd down, Campbell hits the FB Sellers in a middle seam, and he literally RUNS OVER Kenoy Kennedy! A long gain to the Lions 45, while Kennedy flew 3 yards backwards...

Portis gets 8 more on a sweep, then Betts gets a yard, leaving 3rd and 1. Campbell tries to sneak, but bobbles the snap! 4th and 2, and the crowd is begging the 'Skins to go for it! The 'Skins call a time out to think it over... I'd go for it, as the only thing that has stopped the 'Skins so far is their own mistakes.

They are going for it on 4th and 2! WHAT?! It's not a run, Campbell hits Randel El on a slant, he sprints all the way to the Lions 1! That takes us tho the 2 minute warning. Thank God...

This is the Philly game all over again. Randle El now has 7 catches for 100 yards. Cambpell is 16-19-171. Just an awful, performance by the Lions defense.

And Sellers finishes the drive in style, pounds the ball in off left tackle. I's Redskins 14, Lions embarrassed.

It's been utter dominance by Washington. This is the last thing the Lions wanted to do, lay an egg. So far, it's been a HUGE egg.

At least Troy Walters comes through on the kickoff return, taking it to the 40. On 1st down, it's a screen pass to Avieon Cason...He's drilled...And he fumbles! Washington ball. God damn it! It'll be reviewed, but the FOX replay confirms it was a fumble. It'll be Washington ball at the Lions 43.

What in the HELL is Cason doing in the game anyway? Where is Bell or Jones? I know Calhoun and Duckett are hurt, but Cason shouldn't be on the damn field. HE BLOWS.

So far the Lions vaunted offense has gained 39 yards total. 33 passing, 6 running. That's God awful. Kitna will be lucky to leave this game not on a stretcher.

Lions keep the ball! McIntiosh recvered for he 'Skins, but he had 1 hand out of bounds! How about that break for the Lions? Can they take advantage?

On 2nd down, Kitna throws the ball at McDonald's feet, and the 3rd down pass to Furrey is broken up by the 'Skins DB's. Another punt for the Lions. 'Skins start at their 17.

Portis gets 3, on the Lions call a time out? it appears the Redskins want to run out the clock, as Portis gets 5 on a draw. Lions call another TO. A direct snap to Portis gets only a yard, the Loions force a punt. Gibbs went into a Lloyd Carr-like shell on that drive. They had over 1:30 left, and the Lions have not been to stop Cambpell and Randle El. Yet Gibbs calls 3 runs. I'd be pissed if I was a Washington fan.

Lions start at their 34 after the punt. Lions have 15 seconds to do something...Kitna scrambles, is hit from behind...FUMBLE! Redskins recover! Thankfully time runs out on the 1st half. 'Skins lead 14-0, and the score doesn't show just how badly the Lions have been dominated.

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