Sunday, October 07, 2007

I didn't miss much, it's still a debacle: 4th quarter Lions - Redskins thoughts

I'm back after losing power during halftime. I guess someone at Detroit Edison didn't want me to see the rest of the game. I'd like to thank that person!

I spent the last hour and change listening to the happy fun time broadcast of the Lions' radio team of Dan Miller and Jim "Silver lining" Brandstatter on my ancient Walkman. According to the radio broadcast, things weren't quite so dire for the Lions. Well, at least until the last Redskins score. At that point, even blatant homers like Miller and Brandstatter couldn't sugarcoat this outright turd of a performance.

As I slide back into the live blogging, the 'Skins have just kicked a field goal to take a 27-3 lead. The Lions will start at their own 42, thanks to a 15 yard personal foul call on the Redskins.

Why in the living HELL is Jon Kitna still in this game? He's been beaten and battered all damn day, they are down 4 scores, and there's 2:30 left in the fucking game! It's this kind of thinking that has me believing that Marinelli has issues as the head coach, and is still in over his head, especially with his in game decision making.

It's absolute STUPIDITY to have Kitna at risk late in a blowout. And how the Redskins have unrelentingly rushed the passer today, Kitna is definitely still at risk.

As if to emphasize my point, Fred Smoot DRILLS Troy Walters on a 3rd and long reception. Smoot takes the brunt of the collision, and that takes us to the 2 minute warning.

The Lions are going to go for it on 4th and 1.

Kitna gives the ball to former lineman, now XXL sized FB, Jon Bradley, and he pushes the pile forward for the 1st down. 2nd down, Kitna has to scrambleAGAIN, and takes ANOTHER hit on the slide. Christ almighty, this is sheer stupidity having Kitna in the game! What is Marinelli thinking? It's not as if JT O'Sullivan has a ton of experience, he should be under center gaining that experience. Yet Marinelli has Kitna taking useless, unnecessary snaps.

On 2nd down, Kitna looks for Furrey on a short out cut...It's picked! Easy TD for Carlos Rogers, who could have walked into the end zone. Fuck.

34-3 Washington. Same old Lions, getting blown out in D.C. What a joke of a game. The Redskins dominated from the kickoff to the final gun. Just an ugly performance by the overmatched Lions.

After the kickoff, it's Lions ball with 41 seconds left, and Marinelli still has Kitna in the game? What the fuck!? And to end the game, just to raise the level of the Lions futility 1 more notch, and make sure Kitna takes one more hit, Kitna is sacked for the 5th, and final, time.

Game over. Final score 34-3, Redskins. Washington dominated EVERY facet of the game. Offense, defense, special teams, coaching, EVERYTHING.

I'm curious to hear how the Lions attempt to explain away this debacle. And yes, it was a debacle.

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