Sunday, October 07, 2007

Kitna is getting beat up: 1st quarter Lions - Redskins thoughts

Will the Detroit Lions break their several generations long losing streak to the Washington Redskins? Is a 4-1 record possible? Are the Lions legit, or just another of the NFL many wannabe's? Today's game may answer those questions.

We join Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan from the nation's capitol. The Redskins will be without Santana Moss, but do have Clinton Portis ready to go, and we all saw what a good RB could do to the Leo's D in the Philadelphia game. With those images of Brian Westbrook rampaging through the Lions' defense still fresh in my mind, I'm not all that confident about Detroit's chances, but then again, I never am...

The Lions will kick, the 'Skins will start at their 23. A quick slant to Randle El, and Portis off tackle, the Redskins have a 1st down. 2 more Portis runs leave the 'Skins 3rd and 10, the Lions need a stop! Which they don't get, as a screen pass gets 11. Damn... In the Lions' favor, Portis limps off the field, in comes Ladell Betts.

The 'Skins are damn methodical, as a Thrash WR screen gets 7 more yards. Betts between the tackles gets the 1st.

I get motion sickness from the cameraman, as he buys a Jason Campbell play action fake, while he hits a 7 yard pass. Betts gets the 1st down on the next play. 2 more runs leave a 3rd and 5 from the Lions 29 The Lions D is far from impressive up to this point. Damn, Portis is back in the game!

Well, we know that Joe Gibbs is going to do, run, run, and run some more. Yes! The Lions get a HUGE break, as the 'Skins try a direct snap to Portis, but a bad snap leads to a 10 yard loss, and thus, out of FG range! A punt ensues, and the Lions will start at the 10.

Kitna starts with a nice slant to Roy Williams, gets a quick 1st down. A Tatum Bell run gets 3. A draw plays fools no one, leaving 3rd and 8. Kitna back to pass, steps up in the pocket, and runs into Dominic Riaola! Sack for the 'Skins!

Christ, this game is not off to a good start for the Lions. Running game is non existent, while the defense has been unable to stop Washington's ground game.

After a punt, the 'Skins will start at their own 36. Randel El had room to run, but flat out dropped the ball! A break for the Lions...

The 'Skins get a quick 9 yards on a Randle El out, and get the 1st on a run between the tackles. Sense a trend here? Campbell looks deep, has time, but nothing is there, so he overthrows Thrash. Good coverage by the Lions? How about that?

The Lions force a punt on 3rd and long, get good pressure on Campbell, forcing an incomplete pass as he is going down. A much better defensive series for the Lions!

After the punt, the Lions will start at their own 17. Let's see if the offense can step up.

On 1st down, Kitna has to run for his life, ends up throwing the ball out of bounds. Kitna has time on 2nd down, hits Furrey at the 31!

Kitna back to pass again, tons of pressure, and goes down in a heap! But he was brought down by the face mask, 15 yard personal foul! Kitna is being hit, and hit hard, on every passing attempt. This is not going to end well for the Lions QB at this rate.

Kitna misses Furrey deep on 1st down, gets 3 on a short pass to Calvin Johnson. 3rd and 7, you think it's a pass? I do, and so do the 'Skins.

Just a Kitna drops back, whistles blow? A penalty on the Lions? No, Marinelli called a time out from the side lines!

The time out didn't help though, as Kitna is pressured, throws off his back foot...The ball, the defender, and Lions TE Sean McHugh all get to the same spot at the same time, the ball pops HIGH in the air...The Lions dodge a bullet as the ball falls to the ground!

So far the 'Skins have been the more aggressive, and the better, team.

After the punt, the 'Skins start art their 20. A short run and pass leave the 'Skins a 3rd and 3. That also runs out the clock. At the end of 1, there's no score.

The Lions offensive line hasn't been able to protect Jon Kitna, he's not going to last the game at the rate he's getting pounded. Not an impressive 1st quarter, but to the Lions credit, or more likely, luck, it's a scoreless tie.

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