Friday, October 12, 2007

The Detroit Lions as seen through the music of The Who

As I was scrolling through my collection of songs from The Who while writing my previous post, I had a sudden epiphany. While reading the titles of The Who's songs, it struck me that they had to be fans of the Detroit Lions. I was amazed how many song titles could so closely relate to the frustrating experience that is to be one of the sad lot known as Lions fans.

So much as I did with the Detroit Tigers bullpen this past summer, let's take a look at the NFL team we love to hate, as seen through the songs of an iconic rock band, The Who...

My Generation - Is what your grandfather will answer if asked when the Lions were last legitimate NFL title contenders.

Substitute - Wayne Fontes' guiding principle in dealing with his quarterbacks and coordinators.

The Kids are Alright - What Fontes would tell William Clay Ford about the team after every season, buying himself another year as Lions head coach.

A Legal Matter - How the Detroit Lions handled Barry Sanders' retirement.

The Real Me - What Joey Harrington claimed once the fans learned he was a piano playing, champagne drinking, happy footed, inaccurate, dump off throwing QB.

I'm Free - Were the first words out of Dre' Bly's mouth when told he was traded to Denver.

Summertime Blues - The period between the NFL draft, and the start of training camp, when Lions fans know that Matt Millen once again blew the draft, and have nothing more than another losing season to look forward to.

Won't Get Fooled Again - What Lions fans will say after recovering from the Summertime Blues. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" is the mantra of any long time Detroit Lions fan.

5:15 - The first line of 5:15 is, "Why should I care, why should I care..." You'll hear that coming from the mouth of every Lions fan while enduring losing season after losing season.

Had Enough - The first words out of a Lions fan's mouth after another defeat.

You Better You Bet - When you see the Lions favored, you better make sure you bet on the underdog. It's the only way you'll make money gambling on the Lions...

"Who's Next?" It's never the Detroit Lions. Never, ever the Lions.
"Who's Last?" would be more appropriate...

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - Jon Kitna will throw a pick, anyway, anyhow, anywhere. Usually at the worst possible time, while running for his life, normally in the end zone...

Doctor, Doctor - Is a cry normally heard from Kevin Jones sometime during the season...

I Can See for Miles - What the opposition's running back will say to himself as he runs through a hole in the Lions defensive line.

I Can't Reach You - What the Detroit defensive linemen say as that running back blasts through the hole.

Join Together - What Rod Marinelli claims he's doing with the Lions roster.

It's Hard - What Marinelli has found out in his attempts to get the Lions to join together.

I Can't Explain - Millen's reply to anyone who asks why he is still employed as the Lions president and GM, despite 6 consecutive double digit loss seasons.

The Music Must Change - Which is what Bill Ford Jr. is trying to tell his father, William Clay Ford, that the Millen era must come to an end.

Who Are You - Is the doddering old coot's reply...

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