Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You can't always get what you want...

...And as much as I wanted to see a 1987 style comeback from the 2007 Tigers, I've come to grips with the fact that it's not going to happen. The Tigers needed to sweep the Indians, and as we have seen over the last two nights, that ain't going to happen.

For me, tonight's loss was it. The game that shut the door, closed the window, the final nail in the coffin, the final goodbye, and any other metaphor you might care to use to describe the end.

As much as I want to deny it, and say it isn't so, I have to finally admit that a playoff berth just isn't going to be in the cards. Detroit's too far back, with too little time left, and to make matters worse, the teams ahead of them just aren't losing.

That scenario doesn't add up to the Tigers making the playoffs with a crazy mad rush, nipping the Yankees or Indians at the wire. What was once possible, is now a pipe dream.

With the Tribe and Yanks both winning tonight, it's going to take a Jon Kitna concussion recovery type "Miracle" for the Tigers to make the playoffs. I don't see that happening, as how many miracles can 1 city get?

For the last time, I'm breaking out the timeless quote from Pvt. Hudson in "Aliens."

Game over man, game over!

The season's over too, man, season's over...


  1. Write an entire article about how I was the only one who actually believed the PANIC BUTTON should have been pressed a long, long time ago... you mocked the people who went crazy and for little reason.. this team has been a joke in the second half and a complete waste of my time...

    im prepared for your 3-4 blogs regarding how you believe it's now finally over this week... maybe you should consider writing about how realistic tigers fans are sometimes much smarter tigers fans..


  2. Aside from the inexplicable stupidity of Pudge and Brandon at the plate (more inexplicable from Pudge because he is not an inherently lousy hitter) and the inconsistency problems in the bullpen, the main issues this year have been injury. We find out recently that Bonderman has been hurting the whole second half, Sheffield's shoulder is still not right, you can tell, and Zumaya is not even close to full form. Also, unlike last year, we can get no luck and no breaks. Sometimes the stars are aligned just perfectly for a team to make a run. It may sound trite, but 2006 was magical. We overachieved. Magic doesn't last, and pitching, hitting and intangibles don't always all come together at the same time every single night like they did last year. Despite that, prior to this series, this team rattled of 10 of 12 wins on will alone in a desperate final push, most notably a walk-off victory after being down 4-1 with 2 outs in the 9th and nobody on. That was not a waste of my time, and I am still very glad I invested the time to listen to the end of that game on my way home and had a chance to be inspired by the effort. Several of our players (notably Curtis, Magglio and Placido) are having career years. We have two players in contention for a batting title. This team has been frustrating yes...extremely at times....but far from a joke. There will be a couple of changes in the offseason, and with some better luck, we'll be right in the hunt next year.

  3. Anonymous is correct. I actually kinda wrote the season off in late July. It was clear that the magic wasn't there.

    That being said, there's too much talent for things to stay this way next year. Get a couple more good bats, and if the pitchers stay healthy, we're gonna be the team to beat for a few years.

    We could take Boston, except that, as somebody pointed out recently (somewhere) Boston plays in a 2 team division, while we play in the toughest one. Doesn't help.

    Sing A-Rod and perhaps a catcher, and we're back in the Series.

  4. To the first anonymous commentor, do you feel better about yourself now because you can say you were smarter than everyone else? Pardon the rest of us for offending you by choosing to believe that the team we follow might actually have a chance at the post-season.

    If only we were as smart as you, we could've saved ourselves the time and spent our time watching shitty summer television, doing crossword puzzles, or looking for Cambodian children to adopt.

    Do fans like you just wait for your team to lose so you can brag "I told you they sucked!" to everyone else who chose to delude themselves? Man, I bet that feels great. If only I could had that kind of wisdom.

    I honestly wonder why people like you even watch sports in the first place. What's the point? Just so you can feel smarter because you predicted they'd lose? I bet you can all enlighten us on the 2007 Detroit Lions, too.

    ian casselberry