Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A message from Matt Millen to the Lions' internet fanbase


Look who's laughing now, you bunch of no-nothing, computer loving, fancy boys! Screw all you haters! And most of all...Screw the God damn bloggers!

You know what you bloggers can do?! Go run to your mom's basement, and blog THIS, you typing in your underwear, tough guys hiding behind a keyboard, never played a game in your life, blogging morons!

The Detroit Lions are in 1st place! Blog that, asswipes!

My Lions, Mr. Ford's Lions, the Detroit Lions, are 2 and 0! That's 2 wins, and zero losses! Zip! Less than 1! A big fat ZERO!

Matt Millen is a NFL laughing stock NO MORE! Guess who gets the last laugh? Not the bitchy bloggers! ME! Matt Millen! Mr. 2 and 0!

What did I hear all off season from you bunch of know-it-alls? The Lions would go 0-16, be an embarrassment to the NFL, and the city of Detroit! That I was a moronic boob who didn't know his ass from a wide receiver! That the Lions would never win under my regime!

What do have to say now? Huh? What's that? I can't HEAR YOU! Where's all the "Fire Millen" chants?! Fire this, you fickle SOB's! I'm the toast of the NF Fuckin' L!

The sky's the limit! Detroit Lions are above the fold, baby! Front page on the dot com's! Cover of Sports Illustrated! The lead story on Sportscenter! The Lions highlights aren't lumped in with the hockey scores and soccer news anymore! I'm prime time!

The NFL is going to regret not putting the mighty, Matt Millen led, Detroit Lions on Sunday or Monday Night Football! A winning Lions team = RATINGS BONANZA!

When things get slow during a Sunday night blowout, who are Al and John going to talk about? ME! M-A-T-T-M-I-L-L-E-N! And the DETROIT LIONS! That's who!

You know what else, Nancy boys? I'm a mover and a shaker! I'm a doer and a fixer! I'm a rocker and a roller! I make things happen! I'm a WINNER! I ROCK!

As for you internet guys? You SUCK! Because I'm Matt Millen, and you're NOT!

We're going to the playoffs baby! Done deal! WHOOOOOO! Whaddaya got to say about that, blogger boys? You got nuttin'! YOU GOT NOTHING! NOTHING! Print that on your blogs, suckers!

I got 2 words for you! "Eat Me!" BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! See you in the funny papers, Mr. I Got No Life So I Rip The Lions!


Matt "Mr. 2 and 0" Millen


  1. Matt to fans- Save your letters and congratulations, I'll be mailing it in from Pennsylvania all year so suck that Michigan!

  2. G-d help us -- Michigan football and the Tigers are done, so the Lions are all we have left for the next three months. If they can still be contending for a playoff spot at the end of the season, I will gladly take that.