Monday, September 17, 2007

Thoughts running through my mind as Casey Blake's home run ball carried over the wall...

I hate Casey Blake.

I hate the Cleveland Indians.

I hate that Indians' shortstop with the goofily misspelled first name.

Kenny Rogers did not deserve to lose this game.

Joel Zumaya is not ready to be the Tigers' closer in 2008.

What was Cameron Maybin thinking? You NEVER run on a ball hit in front of you. NEVER!

It'll take a biblical style miracle for the Tigers to win the Central division.

Their wild card chances took a huge hit too.

This might be it. Yankees are winning big. Season over?


I hate Casey Blake.


  1. I actually yelled "F**K" so loud from our basement it woke my kids up on the third floor. So now I'm pissed and sorry I woke my kids up...bad night.

  2. '07 is going to be the let-down season between the magic of '06 and either a) the complete domination of '08 or b) the complete disintegration of '08.

    Just my two cents.