Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Wolverines' defense is an abomination!

Oregon hangs 390+ yards and 31 points on Michigan in less than a half? This isn't funny anymore... This is just as embarrassing as the Appy State game.

Michigan could still make a game of it, but this is the 4th game in a row where the opposition has pretty much done whatever they've wanted to on offense.

Not that Michigan's offense has been any great shakes. Watching Chad Henne miss receivers long, short, left and right has me pining for the days of the utterly average John Navarre. It was a 1st half full of turnovers, penalties, blown assignments, missed tackles, bad schemes, and outright bad football.

Mike Hart is the only Wolverine that's impressed.

Just an awful, awful, 1st half.

Yep, Lloyd Carr sure has the Wolverines prepared. As prepared as he had his team for Appalachian State...

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