Sunday, September 30, 2007

So what do you know, Griese actually is better than Grossman: 2nd quarter Lions - Bears thoughts

To open the 2nd, it's another Bell run, and with his ass hanging out of his pants thanks to a huge rip in the rear, leaves a 3rd and 1. Lions are just short of the 5.

Play 13 of the drive is another off tackle hand off to Bell...Who gets the 1st dow...NO! FUMBLE! Bears ball. SHITSHITSHIT! The Lions have been awful beyond belief in the red zone this season. Christ almighty, the Lions cannot do anything the easy way...

Bears start at the 3. A run and short pass leave a 3rd and 6. The D needs to make a play...Which they don't, as the Bears convert on a short Griese to Berrian pass.

2 more short gains, and it's 3rd and 2. It's a Benson sweep, Ernie Sims puts his HAT ON THE BALL...FUMBLE! But the ball goes directly out of bounds, 1st down Bears. Detroit can't catch a break...

In 8 stirring plays, the Bears have moved all the way to their own...25!

A penalty and 2 more incomplete passes has Chicago 3rd and 15. SACK! Shawn Rogers stunts, and buries Griese!

On the punt, Walters does his best Hester imitation, reverses his field, and gets to the Bears 41! Walters is brought down on a horse collar tackle! Where's the damn flag? It's a late one, but finally we see yellow flag! Tack on 15 more!

A quick slant to Furrey, and just like that, the Lions are in the red zone, at the Bears 13! But a big sack of Kitna on 3rd down forces a 39 yard Hanson field goal attempt...Which is blocked! Motherfu...God damn Lions.

Jesus fucking Christ, the Lions in the red zone are just..just...ARRGH...Words fail me.

Griese says the Hell with the nickel and dime stuff, hits Berrian at the Lions' 48! Another pass to Berrian, and the Bears are at the Lions' 30.

The Lions' D stiffens, and it's 3rd and 7 for the bad guys. But Griese hits Desmond Clark...1st down at the 16. The Bears offense is finding a groove!

The Lions stiffen on 2 short runs, and it's 3rd and 9. The Lions bring EVERYONE on a blitz...Which backfires badly, as Griese connects with an open Mushin Mohammed on a post pattern. TD Bears, and a drive that was much too easy. 7-3 Bears.

Griese has had a nice 2nd quarter, and is now 11-18-94-1-0 for the game. Kitna has been meh. 7-10-73.0-0, with 3 sacks. To this point, the Bears awful offense has out gained the Lions more vaunted one, 91 to 89.

The Lions start at the 16. A screen gets 5, and a Jones run gets none, as he recovers his own fumble. Christ.

A short pass to Williams is a yard short of the 1st down. Run the route to the stick, ow hard is that?The Lions go 3 and out on a drive that inspires little confidence in their offense. The Bears are beat up on D, but are more than holding their own.

The Bears start on their own 39 after the punt. A quick pass gains 5, and it's the 2 minute warning.

A pass to Berrian gets 10, 1st down at the Lions 45. Bears are in their 2 minute offense, no huddle, Lions back on their heels. A pass to Peterson gets 9, time out Bears. On 3rd and 1, Griese sneaks for the 1 st down. A 12 yard gain to Mohammed gets 12. Griese finds Clark on the sidelines to stop the clock, ball at the 20. Get the damn stop!

Then a stupid penalty on Travis Fisher, hitting a Bear out of bounds gives the Bears the ball at the Lions 6. SHITFUCK! Dumb, dumb, dumb! OK Marinelli, where's that discipline you keep preaching? Huh?

Greise is looking in the end zone for Berrian...It's Fernando Bryant with a goal line PICK! Didn't see that coming...

Ugh, the refs give the Lions the ball at the 1/2 yard line. Wait a sec, booth review for ball placement...The play stands as called. Well, at least the Lions have the ball, but they won't be able to do a damn thing.

Lions start on the goal line...It's a deep hand off to Bell? Risky call, as Bell takes the hand off 5 yards deep in the end zone, but picks his way to the 3. Doesn't matter, as the Bears are offsides anyway. The Lions take a knee at the 6 to end the half.

The 1st half ends with Chicago up, 7-3.

A very uninspiring half of football for the Lions. Only 97 yards total offense, and they have made a ton of silly mistakes. In all honesty, the Lions should be up at least a TD.

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