Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where's the Lions' offense? 3rd quarter Lions - Bears thoughts

Will the Lions stop shooting themselves in the foot? Will Brian Griese continue to keep mistakes to a minimum, and "Manage the game" for the Bears? The next 2 quarters will answer all, and go a very long way in determining who will take control of the NFC North.

The Bears will start with the ball at their 20. Cedric Benson gets 8 and 16 yards on 2 carries to start the half. That's not a good sign, as he had a whole 3 yards rushing in 5 previous carries.

A 1 yard Benson run, and a big Lions pass rush that leads to a tipped pass, leaves the Bears 3rd and 9. Griese hits Gilmour in the numbers right at the stick...He DROPS the pass to force a punt. Whew... The Bears may keep the Lions in the game after all.

Lions start deep in their own territory at the 15. On the 1st play, Kitna gets blindsided! FUMBLE! Guess what? Bears ball at the 11. Jesus... Yep, it's still the same old Lions. Kitna becomes a turnover machine once again.

It's Bears 3rd and 9 from the 11. Griese looks for Berrian in the middle of the field...It's through his hands, and into the more secure ones of Ernie Sims at the 9! Pick Detroit!

The Lions dodge ANOTHER bullet!

It's a draw to Jones! Big ass hole, he's to the Detroit 31! But Martz goes to well twice more, fools no one, and it leaves the Lions' 3rd and 11.

Kitna rolls right, hits Williams at the 42 for 1st down yardage...But he runs BACK TO THE 40 in trying to get more yards. Wonderful, as Roy just turned a 1st down into a 4th down. That's the 2nd time today Williams didn't realize where he was on the field!

Marinelli is going to challenge the spot, but I think he's going to be wasting a time out.

Just as I thought, the play stands. A stupid, asinine, futile challenge by Marinelli. Just another in his career long series of game management mistakes. He does something wrong every game, and it's hurting the Lions.

On the punt, the always scary Hester scampers to the Bears 39. Benson is looking much better in the 3rd, gets 8 on a 1sr down carry. Another Benson run gets the 1st. If Benson can keep the ball out of Griese's hands, the Bears are much better off...

On 3rd and 3 for the Bears, Lions are offsides, free play! Griese connects with Brerrian on a slant for 14, rendering the penalty moot.

Bears are moving the ball, now at the Lions 30. On 2nd and 13, Griese channels his 1997 self, and scrambles for 7, to the 23! But a big Lions rush gets to Griese, sack at the 31!

The Lions force a 49 yard FG attempt. But Gould drills it through the uprights. 10-3 Bears.

The Lions have only 125 yards of total offense as they start at their own 20. Kitna drops, back, Urlacher with the near pick! Ugh, the Lions offense is totally out of whack. After a short pass, it's 3rd and 4. Bears with big pressure, and it's another sack of Kitna. Lions go 3 and out.

Hester takes the punt at his 30, and runs it 30 yards to the Lions 40! Hester has been great today, the Lions can do nothing to contain him.

A couple of Griese passes moves the Bears to the Lions 31. The Bears are on the verge of taking control of this game. A pair of Benson runs leaves Chicago 3rd and 5. Bryant stuffs the run, 4th down!

The Bears will attempt another FG, this one from 45. Gould drills it, 13-3 Bears.

Up to this point, Marinelli is getting a failing grade in having the Lions ready for this game. Detroit has only 128 total yards, 2-10 on 3rd downs. Kitna has been running for his life.

Lions start on their 30. Kitna hits Sean McHugh for 25! Add 15 more for roughing the passer! And just like that, the Lions are at the Bears 32.

McDonald is wide open on the right sidelines, Kitna hits him at the 11! Red zone time, God forbid the Lions actually find the ens zone. A short dump off to Bell gets the ball to the Bears 3!

And that's the 3rd quarter! Lions did absolutely nothing at quarter, until their final drive. It's still a game, if the Lions can avoid doing something stupid.

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