Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last team to score really does win the game! - Detroit Lions OT thoughts

The Vikings win the toss, and since Marty Moronwheg is nowhere to be found, they will receive.

Figures. Now Hanson kicks it long and straight, touchback. The Lions D needs to come up big.

Huge Lions rush, Jackson is hit as he throws, incomplete pass...And he's hurt! Jackson takes himself out of the game. What do you know? Brooks Bollinger is still alive, and he's backing up Jackson. He converts on a 3rd and long. Shit.

Flags everywhere, the big money guard, Steve Hutchenson, called on the false start. Ugly game for both teams, penalty wise.

Swing pass to Peterson goes for another 1st down. Christ almighty, get a God damn stop!

White and Bailey combine for a sack! 2nd and 13 from the Viking 46. Short pass to the 50 gives the Vikings another 3rd and long. The Lions NEED a stop...FUMBLED SNAP! LIONS BALL!

Shawn Rogers with the recovery at the 50! Let's see if Kitna can finish off the Vikings, I think he's the only one who wants to win this cluster of a game.

Kitna's pass is batted back in his hands, and he takes off around the right end, somersaulting his way to the Vikings 42! Kitna is going to kill himself! Wow, what a play! A fluky play, but Kitna made something happen. It leaves a 3rd and 2.

The Hell with the running game, it's 4 wides on the field. Kitna's in the shotgun, and he takes off again, screws doing the slide, and crashes his way to a 1st down! The crowd, and the Lions themselves, are going apeshit over Kitna's theatrics!

Say what you will about Kitna as a QB, the Lions aren't in a position to win without him. This has been the guttiest performance by a Lions QB since...Well, I can't remember seeing such a gutty performance by a Lions QB! This is no Scott Mitchell under center...

Holy shit! It's Calhoun on a sweep around right end for 17 yards! He's out of bounds one the Vikings 17! Will the Lions kick?

Marinelli isn't going to fuck around, here's comes Jason Hanson! It's a 37 yard kick...Hanson doesn't miss this time, his kick is dead on, and through the uprights! What a finish to a wild game!

Game over, final score is Lions 20, Vikings 17. Detroit is 2-0, and in 1st place in the NFC North! I'm speechless.

I think I may just have to take back everything I've ever said about Jon Kitna. He is the uncontested leader of this Lions team, and they don't win this game without him. Maybe that's just the excitement talking, so we'll see...

One final thought. I think it's safe to say the state of Minnesota is quite pissed at the great state of Michigan tonight...


  1. Kitna's pass being batted back into his own hands after deflecting off of a defender and the back of the head of a lineman was a thing of pure beauty -- I would say it is classic Lions, but then again, when does good fortune ever come to the hands of Detroit in overtime? For Christ's sakes, M&M even blew a coin toss decision the team supposedly won once. Sudden death, and we elect to kickoff...

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  3. I honestly thought the Vikings would win the game once Tavaris Jackson came out, as he had to be responsible for some of the worst NFL quarterbacking I've seen in a very long time. (J.T. O'Sullivan wasn't very far behind.) I was shocked when Ryan Longwell's kick hit the upright, an occurrence that was surely a sign that the Lions were somehow going to win this game, whether they wanted to or not.

  4. I haven't been that worked up during a Lions game in years. I think I had a heart attack during the missed field goal-fest at the end. Fuck it. I'm starting to believe. I may get screwed by this team again, but for now I'm enjoying the ride.

  5. Holy shit it's fun to be Lions fan again. I can't believe this. What a game.

    5 turnovers = Win