Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last team to score wins! - Detroit Lions 4th quarter thoughts

Here we go, another nail biter for the Detroit Lions...

The Vikings convert their 3rd and short to start the quarter, but are then forced to punt. Troy Walkers brings it back to the Lions 35. Let's see if O'Sullivan can keep the ball out of the mitts of Minnesota defenders...

Not a good beginning, false start Lions, on Tatum Bell? You know the God Damn Snap Count!!! Jesus. 2nd down, O'Sullivan holds on to the ball, rather than unload it, SACK! Does O'Sullivan have to ability to feel the pressure? It sure doesn't look like it.

3rd and long again, a screen never develops properly, O'Sullivan throws a lollipop Bell can't handle, Lions have to punt. After a punt, fumble, Vikes recovery, and a block in the back, the Vikings will start very deep in their own territory. Let's see if the Lions defense can get a turnover here, or at least a 3 and out, as their offense isn't doing much of anything.

So much for the 3 and out, as Peterson converts for a 1st. If I'm Brad Childress, I put the game in Adrian Peterson's hands, because Tarvaris Jackson is going to kill you.

The sloppy play continues, with another Vikings false start. Could there be good news for the Lions? FOX shows Kitna warming up on the sidelines. I never thought I'd say this, but..."Oh please, please, please, please, Sgt. Marinelli, put Kitna back in!!! That's only if you want to win..."

3rd and 6, here we go...OOOHHH, Jackson rolls out, and throws another ugly ass moonball! It's picked by Bashir! Number 4 on the day for Jackson! Who needs a punter when you have Tarvaris Jackson?

Yes! Kitna's back under center! In the shotgun, if you want to be all semantical. Just like that, 2 quick completions, a 5 yard face mask penalty, and the Lions are on the Vikings 45.

Whoa! Johnson on the out, breaks a tackle, Lions on the Vikings 26! YESNO! SHITSHITSHIT! Kitna hits Williams on the slant, and he fumbles... Vikings ball. Just under 7 minutes left...

Can the Lions D get the much needed 3 and out? Nope, Vikings convert on 3rd and 3, 5:30 left, now on their own 33. Nice play by...Fernando Bryant? He busts up a run for a loss!

It's 2nd and 12, after an short completion, we have another 3rd down conversion attempt. 3rd and 5 for the Vikes... Jackson rolls right, no one open, Dewayne White with the sack! Vikings punt, it's a boomer, touchback, Lions ball on their own 20.

20 yard pass, Kitna to Johnson, wide open in a seam! It's Williams on a slant, he holds on to the ball this time, another 1st down! Lions on the Vikings 43, 2 minute warning! Whatever happens from here on out, the Lions have to HOLD ON TO THE DAMN BALL!

Slant to Furrey for 8 yards, time out Detroit... 1:26 left. It's getting tense, and the Lions get called for 12 men in the huddle? What the HELL? 2nd and 2 becomes 2nd and 7. Shit!

Incomplete pass leaves the Lions with a 3rd and 7 from the vikings 41. It's an end around to Megatron! Johnson gets to the imaginary yellow line! Wait, it's under review... Johnson looks like he might have been juuuust short. Damn. Then again, who knows what the ref will see...IT STANDS!

1st and 10 from the 35, slant to Williams is tipped at the line... False start? Jesus!

2nd and 15, Kitna dodges the rush, and tip toes his way to the 30. No way O'Sullivan makes that play. 3rd and 6, a Bell run is stacked up at the 30, and here comes the Lions MVP, Jason Hanson. It's from 47 yards...and it knuckles left...

You have got to be kidding me!

Come on! A Vikings screen brings the ball to the Lions 42! What the Hell? A spike, and it's 2nd and 10. A quick pass to the 32, another spike, and here comes Ryan Longwell to kick a 52 yard field goal...IT HITS THE LEFT UPRIGHT!

We have OT.

Does anyone want to win this game?

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