Sunday, September 09, 2007

Big Baby to the rescue!

A big time sack of Josh McCown by Shaun Rogers leads to a fumble recovery by DeWayne White deep in Raiders territory. Rogers just crushed McCown...

Game over.

Tatum Bell runs it in for the easy insurance TD, and the Black Hole totally loses it. 36-21 Detroit, with a under a minute left.

The game ends with the Lions' pass rush causing another McCown fumble.

And that's it, the Lions start the season with a 36-21 win. Holy shit, the Lions are 1-0...


  1. Please God, make this the start of something. I need some meaningful football this fall and, given the tsunami of suck rolling through AA, the Lions are my only hope.

  2. Nice work throughout the game, Al.

  3. Thanks Chief. I may be doing something similar for every game, as long as I'm near a PC.

    'eff, we can only hope. but I'm not going to let myself get sucked in by 1 game. Honestly, I think we are still in for a long autumn of bad football.

  4. FIRST PLACE DETROIT LIONS!!! How does that sound you nattering nabobs of negativism? If you dopes had paid attention to my infinite wisdom and taken the long view you would have seen it coming. In the meantime, eat my dust