Sunday, September 09, 2007

The team that scores last wins this game

Kitna hits Shawn McDonald for a 32 yard TD pass. Great protection from the line, as Kitna was able to set up shop in the pocket. Unfortunately, a procedure call on Damion Woody moves the Lions back on the 2 point try, leading to a incomplete pass on the conversion.

26-21 Lions. Goodness, quite a game.

Oh my God, a Millen free agent signing pays immediate dividends, DeWayne White with a HUGE interception, and return to the Raiders 10 yard line. Lions need a TD to ice this game. I'm not confident that they can pound it in, though. It isn't helped by another procedure call, the 3rd of the day on George Foster. Wonder why the Broncos were so eager to unload him now?

Hanson with the FG, 29-21 Lions, under 2 minutes left...

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