Monday, August 27, 2007

There's more to being sincere than just saying so

When it comes to Mike Vick's apology, I find it as sincere as when I say that I care who wins the WNBA title. In other words, not very sincere at all.

Vick is just taking the first baby steps in trying to get back into the NFL's good graces. That's all, nothing more. Honestly, I find it hard to believe anything that comes out of that loser's mouth. The apology is damage control, an attempt to spin the story even a little in his favor.

Vick lied to the Falcons, he lied to the NFL commissioner, he lied to the media, and he's lying now when he says he's "Sorry." If he had added, "Because I got caught," then I might have believed him.

Vick is degenerate gambler who showed no remorse in executing dogs, and associating with a criminal element. But it's all good, because he says he has changed for the better, thanks to finding Jesus? Give me a damn break. People who are truly good at heart don't get involved in the training, torturing and killing of fighting dogs, then bet on the results of dogfights.

Sociopaths, on the other hand...

Vick pulled out all the stops. He brought up forgiveness, kids, Jeebus, maturity, all the bullet points I'm sure his lawyers made sure he hit upon during the so-called "Apology." Saying you are sincerely sorry really doesn't mean a thing at this point, other than making for a nice Sportscenter sound bite.

You know when I might believe Vick is sincerely remorseful? In 10-15 years down the line. His post prison actions will tell us volumes more than the current cover your ass speechifying currently taking place.

Till that time, when we see actions to back up the words, it's nothing more than pure bullshit.

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