Monday, August 27, 2007

I apologize for the short leave of absence

I was going to post last Friday, but beer got in the way. My best friend called on his way home from work, and informed me that he was coming over to TWFE HQ, and we were going to go have a few, as Mickey Redmond likes to say, "Pops," at the local dive bar.

I did get home in time for the Tigers' game rain delay, and ended up watching the ENTIRE game. The damn night was so long, I was totally sober by the time Carlos Guillen went yard.

What was going be 1 day away from the blog, turned into 3. As for the weekend, I just wasn't feeling it. By not feeling it, I mean that I had a combination of writer's block, fantasy football prep, a headache, Lions disgust, Tigers confusion, and laziness.

I did take part in my 1st fantasy football draft of the season Sunday afternoon, a 14 team bloggers invitational league set up by "The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes." I have another tonight, The Sports Frog "Premiership," an extremely competitive relegation league. I managed to keep from being relegated last season in the last week of play, one of my prouder fantasy sports moments. Sad, I know.

Anyway, if anyone cares, I am alive, and will have thoughts on the weekend events later today.

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  1. Thus endeth the Jair Jurrgens Era. Not with a celebration of 300 wins, but with a trip to the DL. It was great while it lasted, but on we must move. Who's left in Erie?