Friday, August 10, 2007

The Lions won. Big God damn deal

As I was out of the house all day Thursday, I was lucky enough to miss the Tigers latest head scratching loss to Tampa.

Allow me a quick aside before I move on to the topic du jour...

I was totally dependent upon the Tigers' radio team in following yesterday's game. As I was chauffeured from store to store, I'd flip on the game, hoping to hear the score. Not once did I hear Dan Dickerson or Jim (Nose breather) Price give the damn score.

You would think that they would have learned from the great Ernie Harwell's example, and give the fucking score every 3-4 minutes, at the very least. It was unbelievably frustrating to have to guess as to how the Tigers were doing by the sound of their voices. It's absolutely maddening.

I finally gave up on having to guess the score, and tracked the game on by using my Sprint Samsung M610. Which worked marvelously, by the way. Being a Sprint Ambassador has it's perks...

Let's move on, as I'm still putting together my thoughts in regard to the Tigers' disturbing low level of play.

Though I missed the Tigers game, I was able to see (On tape delay, thanks to the NfL, and their draconian blackout policies...) the Lions win a game that meant absolutely nothing. And don't try to make their win out to mean anything more than it was, that being totally inconsequential.

To say that winning your 1st exhibition game is a step forward towards changing the Lions' "Culture of losing" is bullshit. If winning the game actually meant something, Rod Marinelli would have gone for the 2 point conversion (As they were down 16 points at the time) after scoring a touchdown with 6:53 left in the game. Kicking the extra point just meant they only wanted to get the Hell out of there.

They only won in thanks to a weirdly bouncing onside kick. In other words, the Lions were extremely lucky to win.

Sure, the Lions did beat the Bengals, 27-26, with a late game comeback. Unfortunately, all the win showed is that Detroit training camp roster filling tackling dummies were better than Cincinnati's tackling dummies. That's it, nothing more.

In the 1st quarter, when players who may actually make the opening day roster competed, it was a different story. Cincy won the the 1st 15 minutes, 9-0, and it easily could have been much worse. Carson Palmer picked apart the Lions' defensive backfield, which I'm thinking will be a common occurrence this fall.

The 1st team offense didn't do much of anything. The 1st team defense wasn't any better. I couldn't care less that Detroit's backup QB's threw for an ungodly amount of yards. J.T. What's-his-name is credited with 5 seasons of NFL experience (Even if he's only appeared in 1 game) and Dan Orlovsky is a 3rd year NFL QB. They should tear up a Bengals semi-pro defense made up of 3rd stringers, low round draft picks, and college free agents.

Don't forget, they both threw interceptions against a defense full of never-will-be's, and Orlovsky's pick was returned for a TD against that defense as well.

We saw much of the same old, same old from the Lions. 3 turnovers, one inside the Bengals' 5. There were many of the same red zone struggles that has been the Lions' Achilles heel for most of this decade. The offense could only move the ball through the air, and once again, the ground game was little more than an afterthought.

Even the Lions 4th string defense fell in historical lockstep, by allowing the Bengals to get into field goal range on their final drive. That Cincy's kicker missed the 48 yard field goal shouldn't give fans of the worst team in Detroit any false hope.

If this were a regular season game, the Lions lose...Easily.

It going to take a Hell of a lot more than a late game comeback by players who won't be Lions in 3 weeks to convince me that the 2007 Detroit Lions are anything more than a double digit loss team waiting to happen.

As if you needed more convincing, today Killer Kowalski wrote the Lions won't have Kevin Jones for the 1st 6 weeks of the season. I'll give the Lions credit in obtaining Tatum Bell and T.J. Duckett in anticipation of Jones' foot not healing quickly, but since Mike Martz never runs the ball anyway, does it even make a difference who lines up in the backfield?

When it come to the Detroit Lions, I expect the worst, and pray for mediocrity. I've neither seen or heard anything from this training camp that would lead me to think otherwise.

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