Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I weep for what has happened to our society...

...A society that worships at the ground of EA Sports, and their Madden franchise. I watched this jaw dropping video (If you read "The Big Lead," you may have already seen this) wondering what in the Hell has happened to the youth of our once great nation...

I'm glad to see that there are others like me, who refuse to trudge along with the unwashed (As I'm sure they are, thanks to playing Madden nonstop since midnight) masses. Reading the following comment in my last Madden post by Andrew allows me to think that there is some reason to believe that all is not lost for the youth of America...

I bought Madden 07 for $30 a few weeks before 08 was set to come out and the nerds at EB Games looked at me like I was insane. Yes, I want this game because it's 30 bucks cheaper than the one you're going to buy in about a month, and I get to go home and play a NEW game now, while you sit at home holding your dick.

After watching the video, I think that most of those shown waiting in line for Madden do exactly as Andrew says...

It also has me pondering if any of these guys have played the game at any sort of organized level. Pop Warner? Junior high? High school? Even on a sandlot? Because I honestly wonder...

I got to learn and love football by actually playing it on the field, rather than sitting in front of a big screen TV memorizing "Attributes" and "Hot routes."

Despite what my ranting would have you believe, I have nothing against playing Madden. Like any other red-blooded American male, I love video games too.

But to treat it as a religion, as these guys do? Have they not heard of the term, "In moderation?" Why wear team jerseys, like a priest wears his collar, while waiting in line? Do you want to end up like the the 44 year old porn 'stache wearing Madden fan interviewed in the video, who says he doesn't work, and does nothing but play Madden? How many of these clowns would seriously consider buying a Madden championship ring? Holy mother of God, a RING?

Come on guys. Get at least a semblance of a life. And that's coming from someone who has admitted in this blog that I don't have much of one myself...

All I can say is the doofs shown in the video need one thing. To get laid. And good luck in the attempt, as they are going to need it.


  1. I don't think I've bought a Madden game since EA got the exclusive NFL contract. I like the game and think they do fine, but it's not worth killing competition over. That just pissed me off. Actually, I like the 2K series better, but I haven't tried the new one this year either.

  2. Thank you, Al. That was much-needed and necesary.

  3. Your welcome, 'eff. Someone had to be the voice of reason. Some of those clowns in the video scare me in their obsessive Madden behavior.

    I'm with you all the way, Kurt. I'm leery of the new 2K All-Star football game, considering they went with high pricing this time around. 2K5 gave you a HUGE amount of bang for the buck compared to Madden.

  4. What was the chick who plays Hermione Granger from Harry Potter doing there?I love these douchebags who play "strategically" with whatever team has the best offense,defense,etc...If you're playing me,I'm using the Lions,beating you with the Lions,and that's the bottom line.Whatever happened to playing your actual favorite team ferchrissakes!We used to play tournaments for cash at a buddy's place,a lot of trash talk,a lot of hurt feelings,and I recall more than one porn-stache growing,too.Your post is dead on,btw.Eff Madden and EA Sports.Boom!