Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fun with the "Simpsonizer"

In an attempt to keep myself from doing anything useful tonight, I figured I'd play around with the "Simpsonizer."

My first attempt was Jim Leyland. Not bad, but he needs a Marlboro! But the only way to have him smoking was to add the pipe, so a pipe it is...

Next on the agenda was Rod Marinelli. I really like this one! No, I LOVE this one! It nailed "Mr. Pound The Rock." I barely had to do a thing...

For some reason, my attempt at "Simpsonizing" Matt Millen had him come out looking more like a demented John Waters. Being unable to add a wispy porn 'stache was my undoing...

Next was the patron saint of TWFE, Wayne Fontes. Not bad, not bad at all. Actually, to capture the true essence of the Big Buck, I need a "Fred Flintstoneizer." Seriously, the internet needs a "Flintstoneizer."

Last and definitely least, me. A "Simpsonized" Big Al has me looking like I belong on some sex offender list. "Hey baby, what's your sign?"

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