Monday, July 23, 2007

Shoutouts and housekeeping

Mike McClary's latest "The Detroit Tigers Podcast" has been posted, and available for your listening pleasure. (Via download and iTunes) It's titled "The Big Al Roundtable Experience." (Aww, jeez. I'm humbled...)

This dissection of the Tigers features "The Daily Fungo" crew, Mike, Doug, and Josh, Ian from "Bless You Boys," and obviously, going by the title, yours truly. I hope you all enjoy the podcast as much as I had in participating.

As you probably noticed, I'm trying a few different advertising ideas at TWFE. I've integrated some Google Adsense links, and became an Amazon affiliate. I'll try to keep that sort of thing as unobtrusive as possible. But please, feel free to click on a few of the sidebar links, as I need a new PC food rent beer money!

As you can also tell, I'm tinkering with the look and feel of TWFE. Ive been playing with the picture header, messing with the font, and added my Twitter feed, as I'm belatedly jumping onto the Web 2.0 bandwagon. TWFE will continue to be a work in progress...

There may be some interruption in posting later this week, as TWFE HQ is moving. It's moving all of, give or take, a whole 150 ft. As you know, I moved back to my hometown a few months ago. The complex I moved into is undergoing a total remodel, and my place is next in line to be redone.

Given a choice of either temporarily moving next door for 3 weeks, and then moving back, or moving permanently to a another building, into a freshly remodeled apartment, I figured moving once is vastly preferable to moving twice. The march of TWFE HQ to new digs is expected to take place at the end of the week. So starting on Thursday, expect little to no posting, possibly through the weekend.

I'll be back to regular TWFE posting later today. Thanks for reading!

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