Monday, July 23, 2007

Pistons, Tigers, and the Wolverines: Quick thoughts

I wanted to throw my thoughts out on the internets in regard to some local sports news bites that didn't rate a full blown post...

Antonio McDyess signs a 2 year extension: Pretty much a no-brainer for both sides. As the 07-08 Pistons bench will be younger than the average age of Hilary Duff's fanbase, they need the stability, and more importantly, scoring off the bench, that McDyess gives them. He's been one of the best 6th men in the NBA since coming to Detroit.

The Pistons offer McDyess a shot a the NBA Finals, and limited minutes, keeping his held together with tape and prayers knees healthy. Not to mention Pistons strength and conditioning coach / guru / savant / therapist / super genius Arnie Kander, who somehow has a knack for physically reviving, then keeping healthy, seemingly finished players, like McDyess, and Chris Webber.

Antonio McDyess may have bad knees, but the rest of his body has less wear and tear than most 33 year old NBA players, thanks to missing nearly 2 seasons due to those knees. He can still play, and should be an effective low post player effective for the length of the deal.

McDyess will probably retire a Piston, and I have absolutely no problem with that at all.

The Tigers call up Mike Hessman: The Timo Perez era was short lived, all of 3 games, as the Tigers called up Hessman from the Mud Hens, and sent Perez packing. Hessman can play multiple positions (Primarily 1st, but also 3rd), and was having a very nice season at the plate. Considering the Tigers injury issues, the fact that Hessman can play more than 1 position may have been a big reason as to why he was brought up.

That, and the fact that Timo Perez is what he is, a 4A player. I'd rather the Tigers play the younger, and with more upside, Ryan Raburn, in the outfield. As Craig Monroe's long dormant bat may finally be showing signs of coming off of life support, there was no longer a need for Perez.

What's even more interesting is that Hessman was brought up instead of another right hand hitting 1st baseman with prior MLB experience, Chris Shelton. As he's been passed over for call up by both Perez and Hessman, Shelton should realize, despite what the Tigers may say publicly, that he no longer considered "The Tigers 1st baseman of the future." The Tigers' actions speak much louder than words...

The Michigan - Notre Dame series will be taking (At least) a 2 season break, starting in 2011: As much fun as this series has been, I'm fine with the Wolverines taking a step back, and checking out other scheduling options. I'm sure the Golden Domers feel the same. I don't blame U of M for wanting to alternate home and away between the Irish and tOSU. As the Irish wanted to do the same with Michigan and USC, maybe it was time to play other teams.

I'd love to see Michigan play someone from the SEC, ACC, or SEC. I'd be great if the Wolverines could play a Nebraska, Oklahoma, FSU, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia or Miami, to name just a few marquee programs, and give the schedule some much needed variety. It wouldn't hurt out of state recruiting, either.

The Michigan schedule, thanks to the gradual dumbing down taking place over the years, left Notre Dame as the only marquee, out of conference team Michigan plays. The pre Big 10 schedule is past predictable, and has become a stale snoozefest.

The Wolverines schedule is always the following, just shuffle the order. Play one of the directional Michigan MAC teams (Eastern or Western), giving those schools a payday, but offer little competition, another small time team that should bore the Wolverines fans to tears (Appalachian St. -UGH- in 2007) , and Notre Dame.

It's time to shake things up. Remember when Michigan played teams like the U and Foot Locker State in the regular season? It's been so long, I'm having trouble doing so...

It's time for Michigan to generate a new rivalry.


  1. I have the sinking feeling Dollar Bill Martin is going to schedule a couple tomato cans for the 2 years we lose ND simply because he won't want to play a home-and-home with someone good. Not that I think he or Lloyd are scared of playing Oklahoma, Texas, etc, etc...I just think the athletic dept won't have the ability to give up the home game revenue.

  2. I sure hope not, 'eff. I can see playing 1 tomato can, but that's it. I agree, Lloyd would not be afraid of anyone. Even if the Wolverines did lose a matchup with one of those teams, they wouldn't be embarrassed. In my mind, playing the likes of Appalachian St. is a bigger embarrassment.