Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dave Dombrowski, a Tigers nation turns their eyes to you... Do something!

It's 2 hours to the trade deadline, and after scouring the web, having sports talk radio on in the background, and watching "Baseball Tonight" on the tube (Thank GOD Peter Gammons is on BT this afternoon. Gammons balances out the bleating Steve Phillips), and the Tigers have been quiet. Almost too quiet.

The only rumor with any sort of legs at this point is the trade that no Detroit fan wants. That being the Tigers supposedly targeting the no-hit, OK-field Pirates shortstop, Jack Wilson.

My opinion? I think Jim Leyland stopped smoking Marlboro reds, and has moved on to blunts, if he's the driving force to trade for Wilson. You just know that the Marlboro Man would give Wilson too much playing time. For some ungodly reason, he seems to love shortstops who are overrated for their slick fielding, and can't hit Karen Carpenter's weight.

Considering the size of Wilson's contract (7 million per year through 2009), the Pirates should throw in Salomon Torres, a handful of minor leaguers, a fruit basket, and Kent Tekulve (I bet he could still righties out at 60 years old with that funky ass sidearm delivery), for the Tigers doing them the huge favor of taking that contract off their hands.

The only plus to getting Wilson? Saying goodbye to Neifi Perez. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

It's all speculation at this point, so I'm not going to get all that worked up. Yet...

Other than the Wilson rumor, no one has heard a peep. At least the Tigers AL competition haven't done a damn thing either.

More to come...

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  1. At least Tata slides us through one more game before the Big Push. I wish I lived somewhere where tonight's game was going to be on the tube. Best pitching matchup of the year...Verlander vs. Haren. Of course, all The World Wide Leader can talk about is 755 (Bonds), 500 (A-Rod), and 300 (Glavine.) That and Who's Now, of course (by the way, did you see that frothy little number Erin Andrews was wearing last night? She must have wanted to show a little leg after all of the head shots.)