Monday, June 18, 2007

Peter King is a loon

The latest Peter King column in SI is being roundly criticized throughout the blogoshpere, for good reason. His quarterback ratings leave something to be desired. King's bizarre column proves that writers also need to be subjected to drug testing.

Say wht you will about the list, but one ranking in particular stands out...

Jon Kitna is the number 9 ranked QB in the NFL.

Not 9 out of 9. But 9th overall out of 32. You read it right, Jon Kitna is the 9th best QB in the NFL.

Yes, THAT Jon Kitna. Jon Kitna of the Detroit Lions. The same Jon Kitna that lead the Lions to 3 wins, and lead the entire NFL is turnovers. (22 INT, 9 lost fumbles)

Talk about grading on a curve...

It either comfirms that King is on the drugs, or that the NFL is desperate for competent QB's. From looking at the list, it's a little of both.

Just who does King have rated behind Kitna? Here's numbers 10 to 20...

Tony Romo
Donovan McNabb
Steve McNair
Brett Favre
Chad Pennington
Jake Delahomme
Ben Rothlisberger
Matt Leinart
Matt Schaub
J.P. Losman

I'd take damn near every one of these QB's over Kitna. Sure, some have injury issues (McNabb, McNair, Pennington), some are old and a bit of a drama queen (Favre), others have to prove they aren't more than 1 season wonders (Romo, Delahomme, Rothlisberger), and the rest are inexperienced (Leinart, Schaub, Losman). But when it comes to actual talent? Yo want to tell me that Kitna is a better QB than Donovan McNabb? An old and crazy Favre, crippled by a bad team? Get serious...

Kitna's passing stats are greatly inflated thanks to the pass happy crazy insane Mike Martz offense He was -1 in his INT to TD passing ratio. His QB rating was a lowly 79.9. Kitna was 1 of 2 QB's to have over 20 picks, and the other, Rex Grossman, does blow, but did somehow get his team to the Super Bowl. The team Kitna lead won 3, count 'em, 3, games! All that screams that Kitna is not a very good QB.

King also gives Kitna high marks in the biggest unmeasurable, "Intangibles." Just because Kitna is vocal, religious, and talks a good game doesn't mean squat if he treats the ball as if it were a hand grenade. A QB can have intangibles out the wazoo, but intangibles can't make up for being a turnover machine who has trouble finding the end zone.

The NFL is in BIG trouble if Jon Kitna is the 9th best QB in all of football.

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