Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It figures...

I wax poetic about how good it is to be a fan of the Detroit Tigers earlier today, and they go off play an awful game tonight. That little voice I described in the back of my head must have been saying, "Not so fast, the bullpen still needs help."

Well, either that or, "Todd Jones blows."


  1. A couple of my buddies and I were down there. When Detroit tied it and Jones was warming up we just about left. He's only allowed to enter in save situations. No 5 run leads, no ties, nothing but save situations. He's decent then but everything else he blows. We were chanting for Bobby Seay as Todd ran out. As horrible as that is I'd rather have Seay in a tie game than ANY other reliever except maybe Durbin.

  2. It'll take some research, but it seems like Jones ALWAYS gives up the lead in a tied ballgame. I realize the thinking is that you bring your closer in then, but Jones just can't hold the game.

    But I'm also beginning to think we shouldn't post any happy thoughts about the Tigers, because it's jinxing the hell out of this team right now.