Monday, May 14, 2007

Burning questions from a crazy Detroit sports weekend

It's being called "Black Sunday," as all 3 of Detroit's teams lost.

But the only loss that really meant anything was the Red Wings', as that made their series with the Ducks 1-1. The Pistons losing to the Bulls is just delaying the inevitable, the of type emotionless performance that we were all expecting them to have sometime during their playoff run. It just happened to be yesterday. As for the Tigers, they just had one of those crazy Baggiedome games where nothing goes right, the sort you just forget about right after the final out.

After a weekend of Detroit sports craziness, some questions were left unanswered. Till now...

Will will we ever see Virgil Vasquez in a Tiger uniform again?

The Twins shelled poor Virgil for 9 hits and 6 runs less than 3 innings. Not an auspicious major league debut. So it might be quite a while before we see Vasquez again. But one game does not a career make. Let's hope Vasquez learns from his cup of coffee in the bigs, and makes it back to Detroit.

After seeing Vasquez struggle mightily in his first ever start, the best news Tigers fans could have heard was that phenom Andrew Miller's first double A start was a rousing success. The one question none of us can answer is, "When will Miller be called up?" I'm guessing it's going to be sooner than later.

How badly did the Tigers embarrass themselves on the worldwide leader's airwaves last night?

Less than Joe Morgan manages to every Sunday night. Even though the Tigers were given a thorough whipping, it was just 1 game in a 162 game season, folks. Games like these happen to even the best teams during a long season. Even Jim Leyland knew it was going to just one of those games, and threw in the towel early, if you go by his wholesale substituting.

To be honest, I'm thrilled beyond belief that the Tigers took 2 of 3 from the Twins, especially in that house of horrors known as the Baggiedome. Any trip to Minnesota where you win the series is a successful one.

What happened to all the Tigers' supposed pitching depth?

Some of it was traded to the Yankees for Gary Sheffield. The rest still isn't quite ready. But to say the Tigers don't have depth is unfair. Think about it, how many teams could bounce back from such a tough 1-2 injury punch as the Tigers have this season? Most teams would be happy to just tread water. The Tigers, on the other hand, have gone on a winning streak!

To still lead the Central division after arguably losing both your best starting and relief pitcher says volumes about the Tigers' talent and fortitude. Having The Gambler and Joel Zumaya return mid season will be a huge boost to the Tigers morale, and even more importantly, talent level.

Why are the Pistons so God damned confounding?

If I could figure out in advance what nights the Pistons would decide to take off, I'd make a killing in Vegas. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it's just how they roll. The Pistons have rarely taken the easier road. Personally, I'd bet the farm that the Pistons close out the series on Tuesday. They normally bounce back quite well after one of their frustratingly blasé performances.

Is Flip Murray still rising after posterizing a helpless Kirk Hinrich?

Holy shit, who knew Flip had such mad hops? It was one of the few emotional moments in a game which the Pistons showed little. Too bad the only defense Hinrich had was to give Murray a shot in the nether regions. Just look at the screen grab that was posted at The Fanhouse.

Hinrich successfully went for the proverbial cock punch. He must cribbing cheap shot notes from Bruce Bowen. Seeing that now puts Murray's glaring reaction at Hinrich, which pissed off Bulls fans, in context.

What were the NHL replay judges looking at on the 3rd period goal that tied Red Wings - Ducks at 3-3?

Considering the time of night of Travis Moen's third-period goal, probably "The Family Guy." They sure as Hell weren't watching the instant replay. Dominik Hasek made the stop, then was shoved / pitchforked / bulldozed into the goal. Everyone but the replay judges saw it that way. I hope they enjoyed the wacky antics of Peter Griffin.

Are the Anaheim Ducks the better team?

Going from what my eyes are telling me, yes. When play is 5 on 5, the Ducks have dominated the Wings for long stretches. The Red Wings have been making hay with their special teams, and they will have to continue to cash in on the power play and stifle the Ducks while on the penalty kill, in order to win this series.

I'm not saying that the Red Wings won't win this series, even if they aren't the better team. If there is one thing we've learned from watching the NHL playoffs over the past few years, it's that the better team doesn't always win. The more opportunistic team wins. More than a little luck helps too. The Red Wings of 2003, 2004, and 2006 would concur. This series is far from over, and it will go 7 games.

What about the Lions?

What about them? They still blow.

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