Saturday, April 21, 2007

When it comes right down to it, we Detroit fans are spoiled

We bloggers do more than our fair share of bitching. But you have to admit, it's pretty damn good being a fan of Detroit sports. when compared to most major league cities, we fans are spoiled rotten. Today is one example why.

To start the day, at 1pm we have the evil Chicago White Sox playing the Tigers in game 2 of an important early season series. It's never to early to make a statement against one of your main rivals for a playoff spot.

Then the playoff games start...

At 3pm we get to be twisted and tortured by game 5 of Red Wings - Flames. Expect to have your stomach in your mouth for most of the afternoon. I'm positive this game will be a rollercoaster of emotions.

You can recover from the stress of the hockey game at 7pm, which is the start time of the Pistons 1st round series against the admittedly overmatched Orlando Magic. Even though the Magic are an under .500 8 seed, it is a playoff game, mismatch or not.

Not many cities will have days like today. The contending teams are home. All 3 teams can be considered legitimate title threats. Emotions will run high. Mass quantities of food and alcohol will be consumed. Life is good for the Detroit sports fan.

And to prove there is always a yin to the tang, a minus to the plus, to keep the universe in balance, there are the Detroit Lions. Get feeling too good about today, just think about the Lions for a few minutes. Even though they are not in season, just thinking about how they will blow their draft next weekend will bring you right back down to earth. The Lions keep we fans humble...And pissed off, but that's another post...

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  1. I wish I wasn't in the middle of finals right now (and I wish I was back in undergrad where finals weren't so important) because I would have gone to all three games today otherwise. As it was, I abandoned my books and saw the Tigers game at Comerica Park (wrong game of the three to attend live in retrospect), but it would have been so easy to get over to Joe Louis afterwards then drive to the Palace and catch the Pistons.

    Maybe next year. Another reason why Detroit is, hands down, the best sports town in the country.