Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wake me up when the playoffs start

There are levels of boring. Todd Jones closing a game is far from boring. Sports talk radio is boring. Driving through Ohio is really damn boring. Watching paint dry is the gold standard for boring. Not anymore...

Next exit is the NBA regular season

There's nothing more boring than an a NBA game between a playoff team that is locked into their seed, playing out the string, and a team that is blatantly tanking their season, playing out the string.

Exhibit 1 is tonight's Pistons - Celtics non-game.

The Pistons are doing their damnedest to stay healthy for the playoffs. The Celtics are doing...Not much of anything, other than trying to lockup Greg Oden or Kevin Durant.

I feel sorry for the poor souls who actually paid money to watch this farce of a NBA game. Why should anyone want to witness this meaningless exercise? After tuning in for only a few minutes, with George Blaha doing his best to sound like this game actually means anything, watching lowest common denominator claptrap like "According to Jim" actually looked appealing.

Jim Belushi is more compelling than a late season NBA game? David Stern's league has major issues.

Referee's with their own agendas, and as we found out this week, vendettas. Top players sleepwalking through long parts of the schedule. Teams tanking their season hasn't been this overt since the pre-draft lottery days. Too many teams playing too many meaningless games with too few talented players adds up to one of the least entertaining regular seasons in memory.

Even the Pistons admitted that going all out to win in the regular season over taxed them as a team in 2006, and hurt their playoff chances. They'll win 11-12 games less this year, and yet they feel much better going into their coming playoff run. That tells you all you need to know about the NBA's joke of a regular season.

The 2 most entertaining things about the 2006-07 NBA season were Gilbert Arenas and his eccentricity, and Charles Barkley's footrace with a 67 year old referee. Unfortunately, Agent Zero is out till next season, and Barkley hasn't challenged anyone else...

The NBA playoffs can't start soon enough.

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