Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Could the Lions make a bad draft day trade? With Millen in charge, it's guaranteed

After hearing all kinds of rumored trade offers the Lions have been sorting through, the latest rumored offer sounds like one Matt Millen would accept.


Because the trade makes no sense, and it's not nearly enough for the pick.

The latest rumored trade is Tampa will receive Detroit's number 2 pick, and in return, the Lions get the Buc's 1st round pick, the 4th overall, and Simeon Rice. No, nothing else. Not another draft pick, or picks, for that matter. Not another player. Just Simeon Rice.

Simeon Rice and the Detroit Lions, a match made in a Millen created Hell

If the incompetent boob didn't hang up on Tampa immediately after hearing that offer...Well, I wouldn't be surprised. The trade sounds just lousy enough that Millen would sign off on it. In fact, I'm sure the moment Sgt. Marinelli heard his former player mentioned, he'd want to jump all over that deal. He supposedly LOVES Rice.

We aren't talking about trading for a double digit sack artist and QB terror, the Simeon Rice of 5 years ago. That Rice would be worth talking about. The current Rice is 33, coming off a season with only 20 tackles, and 4 sacks, and is owed 7.25 million for 2007. Sounds more like a salary cap anchor than a quality defensive end.

How many defensive linemen do the Lions need? They gave big free agent money to former Buc's defensive end Dwayne White. They are on the hook for the franchised tagged Cory Redding. Shaun Rogers is not exactly inexpensive. Kalimba Edwards sucks, and even worse, he's making good money on a multi-year deal. To top it all off, supposedly defensive end Gaines Adams is the Lions 1st round draft target. He'd get a long ass contract as well.

Simeon Rice to the Lions has been rumored for quite some time, and it's rearing it's ugly head again. Why even talk about Simeon Rice? Unloading Rice makes sense to the Bucs, but it makes absolutely no sense to the Lions. Which is what worries me...

At least one of the beat writers in town agrees that Rice to the Lions is not a good idea. Killer Kowalski...

Let me put it another way: the Lions are expected to get at least a second-round pick out of the deal so you're basically saying the Lions would trade a second-round pick -- the 35th choice overall -- for an aging Rice who is on the last year of a very expensive contract. I don't see it happening.

I'm glad the Killer agrees. But the more we hear of Lions trade rumors, the more convinced I become that the buffoon in the front office will screw the pooch. The better the offer, the bigger the incompetent boob will fuck it up. Millen will out think himself, difficult as that may be, and believe he can get an even better offer. One that will never come.

Millen could pull the same stunt the Nationals' Jim Bowden did with Alfonso Soriano. He wanted both the moon and the stars for Soriano. Bowden ended up with neither the moon, the stars, or Soriano. Just bupkis.

I honestly expect on draft day, April 20th, we will hear that the Lions traded the 2nd overall pick for the equivalent of a bag of magic beans. Everyone and everything Millen touches turns to shit. Why think this draft will be any different?

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