Monday, April 23, 2007

How could the NFL draft go badly for the Lions? Let's count the ways

With the NFL draft this coming weekend, there will be even more intense than normal scrutiny on Matt Millen and his drafting skills, or should I say, lack thereof. With Millen at the helm, the odds are not in the Lions favor that they will make the right pick. Let alone a series of moves trading down, leading up to their pick.

A Millen led draft leads you to think that several different 1st round scenarios may play out, and few, if any, will work in their favor.

The Lions could...

Stay at 2, and reach on Gaines Adams. You continually hear that Adams is talented, yet underachieves, has an iffy work ethic, doesn't always give his best effort, and takes plays off. Kindred spirit Shaun Rogers approves. He's also undersized, and has issues playing against the run. Kalimba Edwards commiserates. Well, we all know how Sgt. Marinelli likes to coach 'em up...

Stay at 2, and adding a 5th(!) tailback to the mix in Adrian Peterson. He would be a great pick IF the Lions hadn't already traded for Tatum Bell, signed T.J. Duckett, and had both Kevin Jones and Brian Calhoun coming back from injury. Then again, you could put them all on the field at the same time, right?

Stay at 2, and take Joey Harrington redux, Brady Quinn. Mel Kiper loves Quinn at this spot. Automatic red flag! That is reason enough to run away from Quinn.

Trade down a couple of spots, and then pick Brady Quinn. Giving the Lions 4 or so years with another underachieving golden boy. Wasn't the Joey Blue Skies era painful enough? We'd have to live through it again? Just kill me now.

Trade down several spots, then reach on Patrick Willis. If the Lions were in the middle of the 1st round, go for it. But not in the top 5, or even top 10. The Lions are desperate for impact making playmakers, and by dropping too far down in the 1st round, which I fear, you will get decent starters, but no impact players. The Lions haven't had that kind of player on offense, the sort whom the opposition had to gameplan for, since Herman Moore got old, and Barry Sanders retired. For that matter, when was the last time the Lions had a true difference maker that other teams were deathly afraid of on the defensive side of the ball? Bubba Baker? Then it's been 20-25 years.

Pull a Minnesota, and not get your pick to the NFL on time, dropping a couple of spots due to incompetence. That boner will be on Mike Tice's tombstone. "RIP Mike Tice - Husband, father, screwed up royally at the NFL draft" As if Millen hasn't been humiliated enough, God forbid something of this sort happens. It would be the apocalypse for Lions fans. Fans would then storm the Lions Allen Park facility with fire and pitchforks, nothing less than Millen's head on a pike would sate their bloodlust.

What good could happen on Saturday?

The Lions could...

Stay at 2, and pick the best available player between JaMarcus Russell, Calvin Johnson, or Joe Thomas. I wouldn't bitch if any of these players were the Lions number 2 pick. They are the top ranked overall, and any of the 3 would help at a position of need.

Trade down to the 4-5-6 range, get several extra picks, and taking the best available player. At that point, it's probably Gaines Adams.

Best possible scenario?

Millen screws the pooch so badly, it leads to his ouster at the end of the season.

We can only hope, as hope is all we Lions fans have...


  1. I am almost afraid to watch the draft. But, Millen has made it so much like a car wreck that I'll have to take a look. Lord help us, Lions fans.

  2. //Millen screws the pooch so badly, it leads to his ouster at the end of the season.//

    I secretly want this to happen, just to shake up the tree and see what falls out (probably more incompetance, but one never knows!).