Saturday, January 20, 2007

Quick thoughts on a cold as Hell Detroit afternoon

I just wanted to throw a few of my thoughts out there that don't need a full blown post to themselves...

How quickly does time fly? Ron Artest is coming to town for the first time since the Palace brawl, and it's not HUGE news.

Between 'Sheed hatin' on Worldwide Leader dot com reporters, the drawn out Chris Webber signing, and Kevin Garnett doing his best Carmelo Anthony imitation when Antonio McDyess clenched his fists, Sactown coming to the Palace is almost under the radar. Ron Artest has become, if not a non story, more of a sideshow to the daily Pistons soap opera.

Unfortunately, crazy ass Artest in Detroit gives the WWLiS ample reason to replay the "Malice at the Palace" lowlights endlessly today. That's even though the main combatants are on new teams, the law has closed the book on the matter, and damn near everyone would rather just put it in the past and move on at this point. But give ESPN even a slight opening, and they'll ram through with the video.

Chris Webber is already paying dividends. C-Webb, despite not knowing the offense and being far from top playing shape, still put up a very nice stat line last night. 16 points, 7 boards, and 4 assists in 38 minutes. To be honest, Joe Dumars needed a good signing. After the free agent busts picked up in the off season, getting Webber was a nice recovery.

I won't say that I've lost confidence in Joe D, but the personnel decisions made since the Darko debacle had, at the very least, shaken my faith in the Pistons front office decision making process. So far Webber has looked like a promising addition, restoring luster to Dumars' slightly tarnished reputation as a top notch GM.

I still cannot fathom that a team QB'ed by Rex Grossman is in the NFC championship game. That got to thinking how far the Lions are from being title contenders, when compared to the 4 teams left playing. I thought that would make a nice post, a topic to tackle when I had a little more time, drawing up comparisons between the teams. Then I remembered the Lions have an incompetent boob making their personnel decisions, and realized it would be an exercise in futility. Utter futility.

This off season, the drafting of Mike Williams is continuing to haunt the incompetent boob. With the draft coming up soon, the Lions may have a a difficult decision on their hands. Do they dare take a skill position player with the 2nd overall pick? Knowing how offensive the offensive line has been, will Millen take tackle Joe Thomas? If he does so, Millen will have to pass up taking a possible franchise QB in Jamarcus Russell, or the player that is currently consider the top overall rated player in the draft, wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

Millen takes the lineman, and the Lions may be passing up on absolute offensive studs who may be difference makers for years. Take either skill player, and there will be a chorus of "What in the Hell is he thinking? They need to build from the inside out!"

I would not want to be in his shoes on draft day, as either direction Millen goes, he's going to lose in the eyes of the fans.

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