Monday, January 08, 2007

Quick BCS title game thoughts

It's January 8th, people. What in the Hell are FOX and the NCAA thinking? The BCS title game should have been played a week ago. After the bowl orgy of the past 3 weeks, waiting 4 days between the this game and the Sugar Bowl make tonight's game nearly an afterthought. In no way I'm going to factor in the 2 fleabag bowls that TWWLiS unnecessarily squeezed in over the weekend. With the NFL playoffs in full swing, they were played totally under the radar.

There is absolutely no reason, other than large amounts of cash, for this game to be played in the 2nd week of January. But when factoring in the large amounts of cash, I'm sure that FOX and the NCAA couldn't give 2 shits about what fans really want. That being the bowl season finishing by New Years Day.

In my mind, Chris Rose as the host of these BCS games make the whole broadcast feel like I'm watching high up the dial basic cable. In other words, he's minor league, especially when compared to Chris Fowler. To be honest, I can't get the awfulness of Rose's "TBDSSP" out of my mind.

FOX does the NFL damn well, save for all of the asinine wooshy sound effects and CGI robots. But they have a long way to go before they equal the production of either SEC mouthpiece CBS, or the Big 10's overseer, The Worldwide Leader/ABC. Personally, I've been watching "College Gameday" before every bowl game, then tuning in FOX around 8. Even with Lee Corso, "College Gameday" is the only broadcast on TWWLiS that doesn't make me grind my teeth.

As an unabashed Big 10 fan, I'm torn. Do I root for Cheatypants McSweaterVest and tOSU, keeping with my personal rule to always pull for the Big 10 Conference in bowl games and the NCAA hoops tourney? Or do I cheer against the bucknuts, as after all, they are the God damn unholy bucknuts. I don't think it makes me a bad Wolverines fan if I cheer for the conference as a whole, as the Buckeyes winning would be in the best interest of Michigan's somewhat Rose Bowl battered reputation.

In what should be the only time you'll see this on TWFE, let me say, "Go Buckeyes!"

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  1. You mean it's finally over?? Yea...I mean...Boo...I mean...can I have my remote back???