Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Final thoughts on the BCS, and a too long college football season

About my only thought immediately after the whooping BCS champ Florida laid on tOSU was, "Well, that game sucked..."

As for the 4th down play on tOSU's own 29 yard line late in the 1st half? Cheatypants McSweaterVest knew the game was on the verge of getting out of hand if he didn't try something drastic. I doubt anyone other than the Vest thought doing that something at that point in the game was wise, though.

It's obvious that the Buckeyes would have lost even if they had managed to convert, so it's not as if that play was a huge momentum shift. Florida had already established themselves as the Alpha dog. Turning the ball over on downs just accelerated the Gators' ass kicking.

Ted Ginn's getting fragged by his own team during the TD celebration, thus missing the majority of the game, might have made things a tad closer. But even the most die hard fan of the scarlet and gray would have to admit that Ginn's injury wouldn't have changed all that much. Florida was not going to be denied.

So the Big 10 gets embarrassed on the biggest of CFB stages, the BCS bowls. The Big 10's supposed best and brightest, the Wolverines and the Buckeyes, looked slow and unable to make adjustments. To be honest, you can say the same things about the Vest as we've been saying about Lloyd Carr's Rose Bowl performance. Their seasons both ended in similar fashion, by getting their asses handed to them by better, faster, more effectively game planned teams.

Now that we've seen the final ass kicking of the bowl season, the college football season is finally over.

Lets not say "Goodbye," but rather. "See ya soon." It's been great, but I could use the break. I'll look college football up in August, after I've had a chance to forget all the bad things...

Bo Schembechler's death.

6-6 teams and the fleabag bowls that happily invite them.

The entire bowl system, and the lack of a true playoff.

The cluster that is the polls.

Beano Cook.

Notre Dame, The Notre Dame Broadcasting Network, and the anointing of Brady Quinn.

Alabama's coaching search.

Gary Danielson's SEC shilling.

Michigan's inability to finish a season on an up note.

All things recruiting.

The smugness of Cheatypants McSweaterVest.

FOX's college football coverage butchering.

The local ABC affiliate showing some ESPN Plus Big 10 bottom feeder game rather than a much better nationally televised one.

Division 1 teams scheduling community colleges, directional schools, orphanages, flag football teams, the Little Sisters of the Poor, any group of warm bodies whom can guarantee an easy out of conference win.

Division 1 teams making fans pay full price to witness those massacres.

Awful officiating.

The "Who should be in the BCS title game" and "There needs to be a Division 1 playoff" caterwauling.

Chris Rose, Paul McGwire, and Lee Corso on my TV.

Urban Meyer whining.

The Big 10 having 11 teams and thus no championship game.

And last but not least, Lloyd Carr pissing me off.

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  1. I definitely think OSU would have kept things a lot closer and would have been a lot better offensively with Ginn... the other WRs just could not get open for them without defenses focusing on Ginn. However, the other problem was the Gators just tore up the Buckeye defense, which is why Ginn wouldn't have changed the outcome any, as you said.

    And if I never see Beano Cook on TV again it'll be too soon.