Friday, January 12, 2007

C-Webb to the Pistons? Maybe Bonzi or Mo-Pete? Talk about rolling the dice...

If you can say one thing about Joe Dumars, it's that he's not afraid to make BIG moves. Dumars is also not afraid to admit that a mistake was made, and will correct it ASAP, rather than let it fester. Even if it did take 3 seasons to realize that Darko was never going to make it in the D. When Joe D decided it was time, right or wrong, full value or not, he got rid of the "Human Victory Cigar."

Which brings us to the hot rumors surrounding the Pistons, Chris Webber, Morris Peterson, and Bonzi Wells.

Numerous sources are saying that C-Webb to the Palace is a done deal. We're also reading that the Pistons have made several inquiries about Wells and Mo-Pete, as both are reportedly on the block. It's also obvious that Nazr Mohammed's minutes have been steadily decreasing and he is headed to the bench, and that Flip Murray is not the solution to much of anything.

Then we have all the chemistry issues mentioned by Tayshaun Prince, the benching of Dale Davis due to his (Supposedly) blowing off a practice, the Chauncey Billups injury and coming free agency, 'Sheed's state of mind (Let alone his ankle), and that the East race is wide open, and anyone's for the taking. That's not to forget that Flip Saunders earlier this week took the Pistons to task on their season long lack of consistent focus and effort.

It's looking more and more that Dumars' recognizes all this, and knows that action, maybe something drastic, needs to be taken.

I think all the rumors surrounding the Pistons interest in Webber, plus Wells and Mo-Pete, confirms that Dumars' believes that the Pistons are not winning the NBA title as currently constructed.

Why not take a chance on C-Webb? It's just going to cost money. He brings skills to the table that none of the other big men have. But it's not a slam dunk that Chris Webber is the answer. He's no longer the dynamic big man he was during the Fab 5 years. Or even the Sacramento years. We all know the downsides of Webber, those being his knees, defense, and the U of M/Ed Martin/time out baggage, which you know the media is going to ask about.

Even though Webber is no longer as good as he once was, he's still better than Antonio McDyess (As he's currently playing, which is not well) Jason Maxiel (But do not take away his minutes, I love his upside), Nazr Mohammed (More on him below), and Dale Davis (Trade bait thanks to his expiring contract). If the Webber stories are true, Nazr is probably the odd man out, not Jason Maxiel. Thank goodness.

If signing C-Webb is even money, then I'm guessing that getting a Bonzi Wells or Mo-Pete are much longer shots. Especially Peterson, who does not have nearly the baggage of noted head case Bonzi. I'd much rather have Mo-Pete, but he'd be a hard get. Wells has the more tradeable contract, as it matches up fairly well with Flip Murray. Exchanging those 2 makes a ton of sense, as both look like they need a change of scenery.

But the Webber move would be the big one, the move everyone is talking about. A coup that makes the Pistons favorites in the East. It would also but a ton of pressure on Flip Saunders. Could you picture 'Sheed, C-webb, and (God forbid) Bonzi on the same roster? If I'm Saunders, I'm asking for combat pay...

All the rumors also lead one to think...

That the Spurs were right about Nazr Mohammed, and the Pistons now realize the contract was a mistake. A 30 million dollar panic move. His minutes have not been consistent all season, and are now rapidly diminishing.

They don't think that McDyess' slow start is a temporary thing, but that he's trending down. The signs are there that he's begun his decline. Even if he picks up the pace, at the very least, insurance is needed. Dice only has so many minutes left in those surgery ravaged knees.

The team needs a spark similar to the boost 'Sheed gave them in 2004. Then we have the 'Sheed "Knucklehead" factor. It's been held in check for 2+ seasons, but have his recent play and actions been a sign of a return of the "Jailblazer" 'Sheed? Personally, I hope not, as I've really enjoyed Rasheed and his unselfish play. But you have to admit that the knucklehead stuff always in the back of your mind.

That the Pistons likely have 1 more good run in them as currently built, so they need to pull out the stops before the title window closes altogether. Billups returning is not a sure thing. Flip Saunders is continually mentioned as the primary target in the Minnesota Gophers' coaching search. Even with the good play of Maxiel and (sporadicly) Delfino, and Blaylock, the core of the team is aging. The East is horribly weak. If you can win the East, anything can happen, as we saw in 2004.

This is the season for Dumars and the Pistons to go all in.

So, after all is said and written, is Chris Webber the answer?

I'm not going to let all the Wolverine bad blood color my thinking when it comes to Webber. Hell, I sometimes wonder if I wouldn't have done the same thing if I were a 19 year old in Webber's situation. I've always said I'll root for my teams, even if a controversial player were signed. I'm not going to say differently now. If Chris Webber can help the Pistons win it all, and I think he could, then I say to go for it.

Webber may not be the final answer, but he just may be part of the solution.


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  2. I don't see signing Webber as doing much to facilitate a championship run. We already have Sheed standing out on the perimeter too often, and I can see Webber doing the same thing. If it's going to work it's going to require Sheed to get more selfish to take advantage of Webber's passing abilities.

    I don't see Mo Pete doing anything but taking Delfino's minutes. Bonzi scares the hell out of me, but in a good way so he might be worth the risk.

  3. I think there is a small possibility that Webber gets hyped playing in Detroit and finds some energy, plays like old C-Webb and makes a difference.

    I think it is much more likely that he makes no difference whatsoever.

    But like you said, it's just money at this point. Granted I am a Bulls fan, but when I compare rosters and specifically youth and depth, I don't see the Pistons beating the Bulls in a playoff series.