Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holiday housecleaning

Just a quick note to let you all know that I won't be taking the next week off from TWFE, but you can expect my posting to be somewhat sporadic over the holidays.

I'll be away from the PC for the next couple of days. Hopefully I'll have some awful pictures and entertaining anecdotes from Friday night's Red Wings game to post on Saturday. Yes, I'll be in the lower bowl at the Joe on Friday night, with the GF and her parents. Even riff-raff as myself sometimes score, and get to sit with Detroit's hoi polloi. I'll be easy to find, too. I'll be the guy in the away Brendan Shanahan jersey, or more correctly, sweater, to be all hockey specific...

Since I'll be with the GF's parents, I promise that I'll be on my best behavior, and limit my beer consumption to 1 large Canadian beer per period.

Those of you read from the job, please feel free to stop by over the holidays. If you can't, have a great Christmas, and an even better New Years. We'll see you in 2007. For the rest of you layabouts, I'll see you all in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading, and "Fire Millen!"

Big Al


  1. Happy Holidays, Al. I still owe you a beer from that World Series game you never got to go to.

  2. Thanks Brian, I'll be looking forward to taking you up on that brew! Have a great holiday!