Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bonderman inks extension, Tiger fans rejoyce

Jeremy Bonderman signed a 4 year, $38 million dollar extension yesterday. This news is the best Christmas gift the Tigers could give their fans. The Dave Dombrowski and the Tigers again show that they are one smart organization, one to be reckoned with for the rest of this decade, at the very least.

If there is such a thing as a fair contract for both sides, this is it. The Tigers buy off 2 arbitration and 2 free agent years. Bonderman gets security and fair market value. Especially with the contract being back loaded at 12.5 million, which is currently the going rate for good starters, in '09 and '10.

In a world where the utterly average Gil Meche is worth $55 million, where bad contracts have become the norm, this is a win/win deal for both sides. If you think that Bonderman is selling himself short, think again. With his being only 27 at the end of this deal, he's still going to get his crazy money contract the next time around. If he continues at his current rate of improvement, getting better every year, Bonderman will get a long term, 9 figure contract after the 2010 season.

Until that time, Bonderman is secure in the fact that, even if he's (God forbid) injured, he has set up his family for life. On the other hand, the Tigers have locked up an elite arm for the rest of the decade. Let alone there is the fact that if the Tigers ever do decide to trade Bonderman, he'll have a contract that wouldn't hold up a deal.

Is there any way Matt Millen could work as an intern with the Tigers? The incompetent boob could learn how a true professional franchise is run.

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