Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Like the newspapers, bloggers have to make corrections, too

1. As the always on the ball Eno pointed out in the comments, I had the score wrong in yesterday's post. He thinks I blacked out for 2 scores. He may right. So... The actual score of the Lions loss to the 49er's is...Aw, screw it. We all know the score, and I got sloppy. No, not sloppy drunk. I was with the GF, so I was on somewhat good behavior. She reminded me that I told her the score was 16-10, rather than 19-13, too. Why? The Hell if I know. Were talking about the Lions, so does it make a difference, anyway? Didn't think so...

2. The GF also reminded me that even though we saw Tim Horton's mascot in the stands, (As we called him, Cup 'O Joe, Eh), the actual on field mascot race was run with the Dunkin' Donuts mascots, Biggie Bagel, Dashing Donut, and my personal favorite, Cuppy Coffee. I stand corrected. Hey, at least she reads the blog, right?

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