Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm having trouble putting Michigan - tOSU into words, but I'm going to try

It's Michigan - Ohio State week, 3 days before the biggest game in many a moon, and I'm not sure what I really have to add to the debate.

First off, the Wolverines bloggers (Many of who are linked on TWFE sidebar), with their blanket coverage, are all over the game like Charles Woodson on Terry Glenn. In no way can I top what they have to say. They have watched every game with the same intensity that Cheatypants McSweaterVest watched over Maurice Clarett. Wait.. Bad example. Let me try again. They have watched every game with the same fiery intensity as Bo's hatred for the forward pass. Unfortunately, I watched the first half of the Wolverines season with my eyes square on the Tigers. And I'm not talking about LSU. Speaking of such...

The Tigers World Series run took the majority of my attention over much of Michigan's season. I did watch every Wolverines game, even if I had to catch a couple on the DVR. But I didn't watch the early part of the season nearly as closely as I do in most years, especially when compared to the last time U of M was in this position, 1997. I think many in SE MI, more so those who aren't alumni (Myself included), had their attention diverted. I'm not a casual fan of Michigan football, but in many ways, I feel like I'm still catching up.

Something else that comes to mind when writing about this centuries first true "Game of the Century," is that I don't like to criticize college ballplayers. Hell, they are playing for our entertainment, and only getting room, board, and tuition (Well, a little more in the case of tOSU players) in return, while the universities and the ever hypocritical NCAA make billions off of their considerable efforts. The universities are always fair game, in my mind. The players, not quite so much.

On the other hand, I have no problem at all going after Cheatypants McSweaterVest and Lloyd "Can't spell Llllloyd without 5 L's" Carr. but you can't really complain about an undefeated team. Even if the good guys lose, and to be brutally honest, I'm leaning in that direction, they get the best consolation prize a college coach could ask for, the Rose Bowl. I never thought I'd be calling calling the Rose Bowl a consolation prize, but it's a new college football world we are living in. 12-0, with a title game appearance, or 11-1, with a trip to the Rose Bowl? Honestly, I wouldn't have thought either were possible before Michigan started the season. Shows what I know...

Still, despite everything, the passion is there for the Big Game, and growing stronger. How could it not, considering I grew up during the "10 Year War." Michigan vs. tOSU will always be the biggest game of the year.

I'll be reading, listening, and watching every bit of information about the greatest rivalry in all of sports. It's the God damn bucknuts! That pretentiously (tOSU? A lower case "t?" Please!) evil school that pays players thugs, in that hick town where any Michigander takes their lives in their hands just driving thru, in that backwards ass state that gave the Shrub the election, coached by the smarmiest Teflon coated S.O.B in college sports.

I cannot wait for 3:30 PM Saturday, where nothing else in life will matter but the Michigan Wolverines being victorious.

Go Blue!

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  1. Try being a conflicted Spartan. But I will root for Michigan for this reason: I rooted for Michigan most of my life before going to Spartyville, so we'll give it one last go. For the year anyway.

    But I expect them to return the favor by losing in basketball (Yet another conflict for a guy with a t-shirt autographed by the fab 5 while he wore it when he was 12.)