Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why Detroit sports talk radio blows: Reason #19

I'm several IQ points dumber today, thanks to noted hack Drew "Not very" Sharp.

He has spent the last hour railing on the University of Michgan players dumping the Gatorade bucket on Lloyd Carr after the Notre Dame victory. "Not very" Sharp believes it was a display of how far he thinks the Wolverine program had fallen. In his moronic mind, the U of M equals Mid-American confrence quality.

Why waste his limited brain power on such a non-issue? Sharp must feel the need to deflect people from bringing up one of his dim-witted predictions, that the Tigers were not going to make the playoffs. Uh...Yeah. That "Expert" opinion sure is looking like it's on the money...

Come on, what's the big damn deal? A bunch of giddy college kids heartily celebrate their biggest victory since 2003, the first in South Bend in a decade, and Drew Sharp feels the need to literally piss all over it? Because HE thinks it was inappropriate? That "Gatorade dumping" should be saved for accomplishing a goal? That upseting the Irish isn't a huge accomplishment? That 18 year old kids aren't allowed an emotional release in support of their embattled coach? Not in the dull one's half baked opinion.

Stupidity, thy name is Drew Sharp.

Sharp should save his comtemptous and biased regurgitation for someone that deserves it, like Wobb Parker or the Detroit Lions.

The dull dumbass doesn't even bother to disguise his contempt for the Big 10 any more.


  1. Sharp is a douchebag. The Gatorade dumping was entirely appropriate given the circumstances. The rest of the country should be driving to Ann Arbor with buckets of Gatorade as a "thank you" to Michigan for ending the Notre Dame/Weis fellate-a-thon.