Sunday, September 17, 2006

If it's all about the "Details," then the Sarge must have missed a few...

7 points.

14 penalties.

3 turnovers.

1 missed field goal.

46 yards rushing.

6 sacks by the Bears.

1 defensive touchdown called back because of a stupid penalty by a brain dead Jamar Fletcher.

The Lions' offense was embarassingly ineffective.

Rex Grossman (Rex F'n Grossman?) was embarrsingly effective.

Roy Williams foolishly guaranteeing a victory, then acting like a total ass on the field after he made a catch.

The Bears beat up the Lions in every phase. Beat them up on offense. Defense. Special teams. Coaching. Physically. Mentally. Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, the Bears beat the Lions on the most important thing of all, the scoreboard.

34 - 7 says it all.

After watching that debacle, I think Rod Marinelli missed more than a few "Details." I think he missed everything, including the boat. At least the Sarge took total responsibility for the Lions ineptitude after the game, much as the catptain of the Titanic took responsibility. Just like that captain of the Titanic, Marinelli is in charge of a sinking ship. That Matt Millen built ship of fools called the Detroit Lions.

What more can you say about today's game? It was an awful performance, by an awful team, and it's going to be an awful long season. Again.

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  1. As great as yesterday was, that's how bad today sucked. Fortunately I was driving from Miami to Key West and only had to listen to it on the radio.

    The Lions are my constant companion in sorrow. They keep me from ever being too happy. I can't believe anyone was rooked by Marinelli's "new attitude" crap. If we've learned anything as Lions fans, it's that nothing ever changes. Nothing ever f--king changes.