Monday, September 18, 2006

EVERYBODY PANIC!!! - The Worldwide Leader says we should edition

If the Worldwide Leader says that EVERYBODY PANIC!!! is the order of the day, then it must be so, correct? Or should I say, boo-yah? Sorry to throw this in the face of the boneheads in Bristol, but...No. There's no reason to panic, unless you are some manic drunk on a message board.

The column mentions that the local MSM is now in full panic mode, giving them the basis for the article. That's all well and good, but that's the same local MSM that was praising the Lions to high heaven a week ago. That's the normal cluelessness we get from the Detroit fishwraps and sports rant radio. So take any opinion based upon the lunatic ravings of a Wobb Parker, Drew "Not so" Sharp, or The Little Fella, with a very large grain of salt.

Sure, it goes without saying that this is a HUGE series with the ChiSox. HUGE is an understatement. It's this week's "Biggest Series of the Year!" But if the Tigers win just one game, just one lousy game, in Chicago, the best that the Sox can do is be 4 back with 10 to play. That's with the Sox having to play the uncomfortably close to taking over the Central lead Twins 3 times to end the season, let alone 3 games with the offensively scary Tribe.

At the same time, the Tigers have 7 games against bottom dwelling teams playing out a very long string, the Orioles and Royals. Just head over to Mack Avenue Tigers for the full lowdown. You'll suddenly feel much better about the Tigers, and their chances...

The Marlboro Man puts it bluntly...

"There's no panicking," he says. "We're either good enough, or we're not. I don't think we've seen any players panicking. We have no excuses. We're either good enough or we're not."

The Tigers aren't great, but they're good enough. Good enough to get to the playoffs.

You have to really like the Tigers winning, at the very least, the wild card. Considering the Sox and Twins will be beating each other to a pulp, you have to like their Central chances as well. Will I be disappointed if the Tigers lose the divison to the Twins? Damn straight. But still winning the wild card? I'll be thrilled to grab it, run like Hell, and meet you the postseason.

That's more than any of us would have dreamed of before the season started. Division winner, wild card winner, I don't care. Just get into the playoffs, dammit, even by backing in. Just get there. The Tigers' chances in a short series are as good as any other team.

Do I wish the Tiger bats were smoking hot? Even slightly lukewarm? Of course! I'd feel better about everything if the Tigers could only hit their own weight. But...I'll be more than happy if you give me their pitching staff in the playoffs. I'll take my chances, and feel pretty good about them.

So push the panic button? Pshaw...

But if, God help us all, the White Sox sweep? Then I think we'll be worried about much more than just pushing panic buttons.


  1. The east coast bias shows its ugly face again! Screw ESPN, and everyone associated with it. Why would Tigers fans panic? They've been in first for over four months. If they lose the division to Minnesota, then oh well. MN has played some amazing baseball since their horrible start. I hope the Tigs take care of the Sox so I can listen to their fans whine and complain. GO TIGERS!

  2. One other thing. I don't wish to be accused of rationalizing losing the division after the fact, but winning the wild card and not the division MIGHT actually be a good thing. I'd rather get the Yankees in a five-game series with Rogers or Bonderman pitching twice than a seven-gamer.

    (That said...I'd like to see a division championship if for nothing else but to shut the haters up.)