Saturday, September 16, 2006

47 - 21

You know that hysterical post from earlier today? The post about Michigan finding strange ways to lose in South Bend? The post that said Lloyd Carr was an unarmed man in a battle of coaching wits?

Uh...Never mind.

Where has THAT Michigan team been hiding for the past few years? You know, the Wolverines with a big play offense, and an agressive defense? Much like the 1997 team? I'm thrilled to see that version of the Wolverines return. Finally...

To spank Notre Dame, to embarass them in front of the "Touchown Hippie," in front of their cocky ass fanbase, during a nationwide broadcast on the Notre Dame Brodcasting Company, was as sweet of a Michigan win we've seen in a long, long time.

Thank you Lloyd, I'm more than happy to eat my words...


  1. Michigan (embarassing Notre Dame in the process) and Central Michigan win. The Tigers win. White Sox loses. Miami and Florida State lose. Hell, even Western Michigan (whom I am required to hate, but can't against BCS teams) managed to beat Virginia.

    About as good a day as I can expect. One to remember for awhile.

  2. Can the Detroit Lions beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday???

    Now that would be a miracle.

  3. No kidding, Brian. Even Sparty looked good. If the Twins had lost, the day would have been absolutely perfect. But I'll take it...

    Ken, I think the Roy Williams "Guarantee" has pissed off the Bears enough to allow us to totally dismiss the prospect of a Lions miracle happening in Chitown.